Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 months

Last week Harvey crossed another month mark.  And now this is my new favorite age :) I don't know how to say this correctly but I feel like time is passing nicely - like not too fast.  We went and visited a friend who just had a baby and even though it's only been 4 months, it was crazy to me that Harvey was ever that small.  So it is going quickly, but I feel like I am trying to savor all the moments, combined with a healthy dose of excitement for his future - so I don't feel like it's just running away from me and I'm desperate for him to stay this small. Sometimes I do want him just like this forever - but then he grows, and I want him like the next stage forever.  Maybe that doesn't make sense. Sorry. Summing up - I love him. Each day brings fun new adventures and it's so fun seeing him learn and develop little by little.

I kept squeezing him into his 0-3 month clothes and now that I finally am doing the 3-6, I'm finding that lots of those fit him almost snuggly.  Nuts.  He has been bubbling his lips a lot more and he usually thinks spitting with the tongue is pretty funny. He still is drooling like crazy. No evidence of teeth yet. Just lots of soppy shirts. He is seriously getting after sucking on his fingers/hands lately too.  Sometimes it's one finger, sometimes 2, and sometimes all of them.  
He loves being outside I'm finding.  At least it seems that way to me.  Which makes me happy.  I hope he grows up loving the great out doors as much as we do. We've spent a little time at the park and he's joined us on a couple golf outings. 

He's getting ever more talkative.  And lots more observant.  He loves looking at things - books, toys, babies, other kids, cereal boxes. This is him talking to the cereal box while I'm eating.

He is loving his bumbo now too.  He sits in it a lot better.  He's very grabby as well which I've noticed a significant change from the beginning of month 3 to the end.  Actually just in the last week it's really jumped up in intensity. Hair is a favorite. He likes the vibrating tooth brush.  Just about anything he can get his hands on he tries to grab and then he bends in half with mouth open to try to get it in his mouth.  He's still not very coordinated at that but his hands shake a lot less when going towards an object and he has a lot more accuracy.
He still loves the water. I had to edit the photo a bit, but his body looked SOO long to me in the tub.  Weird. He also still does funny things with his hands and body when he sleeps.

He's loving our morning runs/nap time.

His latest thing is loving to lay on his side and have a light blanket covering his face.  He'll be screaming and crying while I'm trying to get him to fall asleep and then I will flip him on his side and throw a blanket over his face and he's asleep almost immediately. He is getting closer to rolling onto his stomach too.  He kicks both legs straight up and then it propels him to the side.  (I woke up to him halfway off the couch cushions in Hawaii - on his stomach with legs draped over. Oops.  Guess we are going to have to keep a closer eye on him).
He's still not sleeping at night in his crib.  He still wakes up about every 3 hours to eat and his room is far away.  And it would probably seem even farther at 2 am. We need a monitor too. So he's still in the lounger which is fine although he's getting almost too long for it.

He's also really liking his bouncer seat.  His legs are still a titch bit short to give him some good bouncing action but he is more entertained by it and for longer than the first time we tried it out.

The day of his 4 month "birthday" he gave me this present...

He looks so innocent.  He was sitting in that chair while I was getting last minute stuff together to drop him off at the babysitters and for me to head to work.  I picked him up out of his chair and brought him to my face to kiss him and felt like a river of wetness.  Poop just poured out of his pant leg.  What the heck?! It was dripped all over me; all over the table; all over him, obviously.  SICK. I set him back down to gather my thoughts and figure out a game plan to get this all cleaned up and he just smiled and kicked his feet in it. Such a mess.  I was an hour late to work after getting cleaned up and him to the babysitter, etc. Definitely his best to date.

Even with all those "fun" aspects of parenting - I can't believe how much joy having a kid brings.  I'd clean up quite a few more of those nastie's before thinking about sending his cute self back!


  1. haha...his present made me laugh out loud. he is seriously the cutest.

  2. First of all Harvey has grown so much and he's even cuter if that's at all possible! And second of all...blow outs like that are the WORST!! They always come when you least expect them and/or when you are in a hurry!

  3. They call them bum"bowls" for a reason. : ) My kids often had a humongous dirty diaper after sitting in those. Something about the way it sets their digestive tracks just right . . . Oh, he's so stinkin' cute Carissa!