Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hawaii part 3

Last one :) Sunday we drove back across the island to go to church just outside of Hilo. After sacrament, we spent the rest of the day at Volcanoe's National Park.  That place was amazing.  Lots more trees and tropical beauty than we were all expecting. So cool to see and imagine what it was like when it was really erupting. We could see steam from a couple of the craters but no actual lava. Such a cool place! This is the other thing that would be a MUST see if you're ever in the area :) So

Then the lava tube...

Then some other random little hikes...

Then we went on a little longer hike.  The weather was really perfect that day. It misted a bit to keep us cool while we were hiking. Harvey did great on this last hike - he got a little fussy so he ate while we hiked.  And then he got really tired at the end and that equaled mad.  But we got him back to the car and let him fall asleep and he was pretty good until one more mild melt down the last place we got out of the car.  It was a long day.  Poor kid.

 Last spot at the park...Dallin stayed in the car with Harvey who woke up soon after and gave him a run for his money. Oops.

 Jim also made us a divine dinner that night. BBQ ahi tuna and steak and rice and salad, etc. He is a killer cook.  Definitely rivaled any of the restaurants we went to!
Last day :( We spent a good part of the morning cleaning up.  We had exploded all over poor Jim and Leah's house and we had a bit of work to do to make sense of the chaos. After that we went to a beach Laura's friend had told her we'd have luck seeing turtles (we did! Long walk to get to them but totally worth it) and then back to that awesome private beach to soak up as much more sun as we could.

And then we got fish and chips and went to the airport to catch our red eye flight. So sad.  Laura and Dallin left a little later than us.  I was on the same flight as my parents till LA and then we parted ways. Harv did awesome on the way back.  Like almost didn't even make a peep! Thank goodness!  The trip home went way smoother. 

 Random Harvey cuteness...

 Airport tiredness.
And that's it. The whole vacation was so much fun and I definitely could have enjoyed a lot more lazy, stress free beach days but baby and momma missed the dad! Next time he's coming with :)


  1. I love seeing all your pictures! You guys sure explored the heck out of Hawaii!!! I just sat on the beach when I went. :). You have such a cute little man!!