Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Island Park

We got to meet up with the Niederhauser side of the family for a week at a family friend's cabin in Island Park, ID. Just short Mason, Carrie and Payne. Carrie was on the cusp of having a baby. We ended up leaving a lot later than we planned because Tanner had some catastrophe at work. 9pm instead of 1pm. It worked out okay because the place we dropped Rozzi off was a 24/7 place and Harvey slept the whole way. It was a little painful for us though. We rolled in about 5:30 on Thursday morning. We kept it pretty relaxing that day, which was nice for getting some naps in!

Ivy was pretty obsessed with Harvey. The whole crew of kids were actually.  It was pretty fun.  I think for the most part Harvey liked it too :) But Ivy was especially smitten. She said about a million times during that week how he was "the cutest baby boy!". So sweet.

Later that morning we all went for a walk around the cabin neighborhood. Mimi had made little scavenger hunt bags for the grandkids. 

Later that afternoon we went for a drive to a little cabin historical site. Now I can't even remember the name of the guy who built it. Some really short German guy that immigrated to Idaho...? It was a cool cabin and it was really pretty over there. Then we stopped for ice cream and some river playing on the way home.

My sister in law, Nat got a much better picture of the kids, but I have to post this one because I think their faces are all so funny.  Like they are so exhausted from the 1/10th of a mile walk. Funny kids.

Friday was a Yellowstone day.  I was pretty excited to go because it had been quite some time. It was incredibly BUSY! Must not remember right or I've never been in the middle of the summer but it was a little bit insane.  Still really pretty and fun though.

After that first little walk we headed to Old Faithful - and from the picture above you can see what else headed that way. We only had to wait about an hour before the estimated eruption time so we wandered around in the visitors center. By the time we headed out it was raining pretty good. We tried to tough it out but Harvey was getting pretty wet - well - we all were. So we took a picture and then headed back inside to watch it from a distance.
Then we went on one other little walk about before heading back home. I want to go back when it's not so crowded and we have more time to explore and hike and stuff.

I'm pretty sure Saturday was another relaxing day at the cabin. That afternoon we tried to float the river but they were fresh out of boats. So we played in the water and then went home and ate and went shooting guns instead :)


Sunday, Harv and I went to sacrament and then met up with the crew for a boat trip. The weather was really warm which was perfect for playing in the water. Overall, I think I'm glad I went with Harvey but it was a long trip for him to not be able to stand up or move around and just be held. It made it a little uncomfortable and difficult for me.  Oh well. It was fun being with everyone.

Sunday evening was more games and relaxing and then we had to pack up and take off early Monday morning. I've never been on a Niederhauser vaca before and it was so fun to just have TIME to relax and hang out with nothing really to do. I feel so blessed to have married someone awesome that has an equally awesome family who also married awesome people :) Love them!


  1. Ahhhhhhh….Likewise, LOVE that Tanner married an AWESOME person like yourself. This last photo kills me, they all look so angelic, who would have guessed by the end we'd be ready to throw them overboard!!! ha ha!!!

    Harvey might really be the CUTEST baby ever.Llike EVER. Hopefully my kids don't ever read this! ;)

  2. How fun! I love little getaways in the mountains and lovely surroundings :) How'd Harv enjoy Yellowstone??