Saturday, August 2, 2014


I have to document a fun little party we had on August 1st. My friend Lindy is pretty into the s'more thing and has been wanting to do a s'more party before school was going to start. She was nice enough to do it on an evening I was available. She went crazy about it :) Which was awesome because it was a HUGE success.  Lots of people came and it was so delicious and so fun.  I'm partly documenting it also so I can do the same thing and wow people in the future!

She had just about all the ingredients bagged up separately for easy assembly.  They were all arranged neatly on the table with "recipe" cards. Then scattered about from the pavilion were little terra-cotta pots that were filled with coals.  Then plenty of roasting sticks and badda bing, badda bang - s'more party.


  1. Awesome! Looks like I missed out on a great time!

  2. Holy delicious! Let's do one when you come down again!