Thursday, July 31, 2014


My mom just got a new job last week and found out pretty immediately that she wasn't going to have to work at her other job anymore. So she was left with a 2 week period with nothing to do :) I had 5 days off and she gets to fly free on stand by thanks to my awesome aunt all the stars aligned and she flew up last minute last Wednesday. It was HEAVENLY. Oh man, I loved having her here so much. Flights into Williston the day she wanted to come were iffy, but Minot was good so I told her I'd pick her up there because I'd rather drive there and get her a day earlier than wait a day and pick her up here.  So Harv and I got her Wednesday afternoon. We stopped at my favorite restaurant up here, Ebenezer's, for lunch and then headed back to Williston.
 That was Harv's first time in a high chair. I still keep thinking of him as too small for that kind of thing. How did he get so grown up??
We kept it pretty real while she was here. Lots of grandma/Harvey bonding time. We played games and watched Harvey eat food.  Very entertaining! We're just getting going on this solid food thing and it's pretty fun/funny.
 We did some walking and swinging. Harvey REALLY likes his bjorn.
 Tanner got to take his MDO that Friday, conveniently, and the North Dakota State Fair was going on in Minot, so we thought it would be a fun outing for everyone so we headed back to Minot Friday morning. We hit the Scandinavian Heritage Center first.

 It was such a beautiful day. The fair was a lot of fun. We watched some Xpogo (extreme pogo stick people) which was pretty cool. They did some sweet tricks and flips. We also watched a frisbee dog show which I always love. They had one like that last year. Dogs are so cool.  We did plenty of walking and observing the fascinating fair sights. And I finally got the indian fry bread I've been craving since the fair in Williston :)

 After the fair we checked into our hotel and then went and got some dinner. Harvey didn't seem too interested in sleep after several attempts, so we went and wandered around the mall for awhile. Never knew I could love me some mall time.  Williston will do that to a person.

 The hotel had 2 queen beds and that pull out bed. It sunk down in the middle so I set Harvey in the middle and put up some cushions at the bottom of the bed. When he finally did go to sleep - he slept AWFULLY. He woke up like every 1-2 hrs. Each time he was smack dab in the middle of the bed. About 5:30am rolls around and we all wake up to SCREAMING. The poor little guy had rolled off the SIDE of the bed - where I hadn't barricaded - right onto his face. It was awful. I felt SOOO bad. He screamed and screamed and screamed. It took so long to get him calmed down. We should have taken him out a lot sooner...our poor neighbors. Eventually Tanner and I did take him down to this hall that connects the hotel to the mall and he finally did relax. About an hr and a half later we were back in our room and we all fell asleep again. NOT fun!
The hotel has a sweet pool area that I really wanted to take the water loving baby, so when we all woke up, my mom and I suited up and headed down. Tanner still isn't supposed to be soaking his wounds so he came down a little later to watch and video. The water was really warm and so was the room so it was PERFECT. So much fun.  I think he really liked it.  He's starting to splash around a lot more and acts like he likes being in deeper water. They had 3 big water slides - 2 that were open top and one was a tube. I took Harvey down both of the open ones. Tanner took some video's of us coming out the bottom. Harvey was nothing but stoic. He didn't cry or laugh or squeal or anything. It was fast and pretty side to side all the way down and I really don't know what the heck he thought about it. Silly kid.
After that we came home and hung out more at home.

More games and picture taking of the child. He had a couple good blow outs which ended him up in the sink. I think he does it on purpose so he can get to play in the water. Just look at that face...

 And a little more grub...
 Like I said - it was so great having her be able to visit! So grateful Shirley made it possible for us to get a quick Grammy fix. Love her so much!


  1. We have a pack n play you can use if you ever need to. Also, a lot of hotels have cribs you can use...just a fyi for next time. Caroline still needs to sleep in a crib when we go places. She has a big bed at home, but when we're traveling, it's the only way she'll settle down. She needs her own space. I still remember the first time Sydney fell off our bed onto a very hard floor. I felt so bad, but it was at that moment that I realized no matter how hard I tried, I could never protect her from everything. It was a sobering, yet freeing moment. We just do the best we can and try not to worry about the rest. Anyway, Harvey is just too cute! He has the cutest facial expressions. How awesome that you got your mom all to yourself for a few days. In good weather even.

  2. How fun that you got to spend so much time with your mom!! Looks like you had a good time :)

  3. Everyone has a falling off the bed story. It's so their siblings can tease them about being dropped as a baby.

  4. Is it terrible that I laughed just a little at him falling off the bed? Haha. It is sooooo sad!...but just a little bit funny :) I am glad he is good now and had no injuries! I hope I get to come up and visit you sometime! I miss you and your cute fam!