Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Last year we went home around Thanksgiving. This year we are heading home for Christmas which meant I had to work the whole weekend. Well Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'll say it was a pretty good day at work. Not the greatest Thanksgiving - obviously. It's always hard not being with my little family on holidays - and my big family too. But I suppose that's the nature of working in a hospital. We certainly did not go without while there...
There was food and snacks and crock pots piled up on every spare spot of counter in the ER. It was crazy.  I had a couple Thanksgiving fails - the apple cheesecake pie I made the night before (along with a banana cream one for Tanner), dropped out of the fridge minutes before heading to work.
I felt rather devastated but it really was okay. It still did taste delicious. I made some candied yams for Tanner because those are his favorite and his party didn't have someone making them. I had signed up to take them to work but needed to get more. Tanner ran to the store for me but no more yams were in sight - only sweet potatoes. So I tried to make them out of that and they weren't awful but not as good as yams. Good to know. We also didn't have turkey - a girl that is allergic to it brought a ham - which actually was delicious. But the rest of the food was just mediocre really. So I feel like I didn't get a real thanksgiving feast. Maybe I can talk my fam into making one while we are home :) I did get some pumpkin pie from the hospital that was quite good. And Tanner allowed me a sliver of his pie - and that was KILLER. Wow. Probably my best banana cream to date ;) The day was good - I only saw 11 people (the next day I saw 30). So it was nice. Lots of leisure time. Those days don't really happen at work anymore.
He spent the day with the Mabeus'. They rented out a building at a park here in town because they invited all their employees. I asked multiple times for Tanner to take a few pics of the party. This is what I got:

They had karaoke going. He said it was fun. Good food and such. Not great pictures for documenting though. Oh well - what do you expect ;) ;)  Lindy sent me this one of her and Harv.
His face makes me laugh. I can't wait till the next holiday when we get to be home, all together and no work :) Right before I left for work we snapped a little family pic. Gosh I love these people. Hope everyone had a great holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving from the Niederhausers!

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  1. Are we having a Thanksgiving feast?? Because we totally need to do that!