Monday, December 1, 2014

Gus and Rozzi

I figured it was time to do a little update of the dogs. They kind of get the back burner to Harvey. And I have to admit that I've been struggling a little with them the last little bit. Actually the last couple of weeks have been much better. Guess it's a good time to blog :)

I vaguely remember how hard Rozzi was as a puppy, but obviously not enough to stop us from getting another puppy. But now I am reminded of how hard puppies are. Especially with a little baby. I've sworn to myself that we will NEVER get a puppy again, but I don't know if I believe it. It's probably like a kid. You forget all the super hard stuff about a baby and keep having more, right? My complaints are just those of normal puppiness, really. He has chewed on things. He still has accidents (although the last 2 weeks, maybe why they have been so good, he has been AWESOME). Those accidents would randomly come immediately after vacuuming and mopping it would seem. And tracking in mud and leaves and dirt. And the house being messy and the hair. And feeling bad I'm not paying as much attention to them as I should and getting annoyed with them when they look for attention. I've almost lost it a few times. Just like a few minutes ago as I was watching Harvey sleep, I thought to myself that all the hard parts of a kid are above and beyond worth it for those precious moments and I guess the same is true for us with our dogs. We do have precious moments with them too, and as you will see in upcoming posts, Harvey LOVES the dogs and Gus and Rozzi are SO incredibly good with him.
He pulls stuff out of Gus' mouth and puts stuff in it and plays tug of war and it is fascinating to me that Gus just has the sense to be extra gentle with him. There have not even been any close calls with him biting Harvey. (Him getting stepped on is a different story). I am really happy Harvey gets to be around dogs and isn't afraid of them and will love animals. And it still really is a lot of fun seeing the two dogs together. They have become good buds and I think that is just great. It still is funny how uncannily the roles have changed from puppy Rozzi and Samson to puppy Gus and Rozzi.

??? Gus is crazy!

My favorite!


  1. Hahahahahaha, this post is GREAT! Cute dogs, love how good they are with Harvey, and that last photo is priceless!

  2. They are so stinking cute together! Best buds for sure!

  3. They are pretty dang adorable. Really.