Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 months

It's that time of month again. Crazy. Only 2 more months of monthly documenting and then we'll have a one year old. Man oh man. As much as I want time to stand still right now (Harvey is SO much fun), I still am excited to hear his first words and see what he's going to start getting obsessed with and all sorts of things that are down the road.
He hasn't gotten a ton closer to walking like I thought he would this last month. He won't even stand unassisted by himself. Although he did let go of my hands to go to Tanner - it was more like a fall into him rather than a step, but still - he at least let go :) He's cruising along furniture like crazy and is pretty stable and has gotten quite quick with his hands and knees crawling. He hardly ever army crawls anymore. He's all over the place and doing that normal baby thing of getting into everything he can. Pulling open drawers and emptying them and wanting to knock stuff over and pull books off the shelf.

He does really love his book shelf. Our routine lately has been him waking up early (usually well before 7), me being super tired, and then me laying on his floor while he crawls around with his toys and looks at books forever. I think he's more interested in flipping the pages around than actually absorbing images into his genius brain :) He really likes his baby einstein books and Peek a Who right now. Oh and his farm animal book that makes sounds. He hasn't figured out how to push the buttons himself yet though.
I think we've made some progress in the sleep department, but then again, we had some serious set backs. I think he's working on a LOT of new teeth. One more has popped through so that makes 9. It's been awhile since he gotten any. He had diarrhea for a few days and there was a 5 day stretch where he did not eat one morsel of solid food. He seems to be better that way. His gums are all way swollen and look like they are on the verge of popping, so hopefully they do soon and he really starts officially feeling better.

This was the aftermath of this last picture...
I think he looks like Jack Nicholas junior. He obviously has enough hair to get some good disheveled bed head!
There was one day this last month that was almost 40 degrees (thus December has been ten times warmer than last year!) so we made a break for the park. First time the dogs had been out in awhile! Oops!

 This little guy loves his puppies. I love watching him crawl around or on them, play tug of war with Gus or even an infant moderation of fetch. He actually discovered he could crawl into the kennels this month too, which was a funny day.

Sorry, that's a lot of pictures of the same thing. But it was just all so cute!
This month he has learned more to stack blocks. He's gotten to 3. And he can stack the ring tower and this other shape/peg stacker thing (all but the heart shape). He really likes those games and is entertained by them for a good amount of time.
He tried pomegranate for the first time. That was one of the only things I got him to eat during his no food phase. My dad was pretty proud. Those are like his favorite!
He still is a major water baby. Loves the bath and the pool. We had a fun family outing to the rec center a few weeks ago. He loved it and we love that he loves it.

Tanner took him once with our friends the Mabeu's while I was working and he sent me this picture. One of my favs of all time. Tanner said that when he had him on his stomach he'd kick his feet and move his arms all around. And as soon as he put him on his back he'd do this. Every time. Hilarious.
He got up close and personal to the shower the other day and was enjoying getting soaked apparently.
I went visiting teaching to a friend that has a baby just one month younger than him. I should have taken better pictures of them playing, because that's the first time he has with someone his own age. It was really cute. They were playing by themselves in his room for awhile (when I snapped this pic) and then crawled out together, all synchronized it seemed. I loved it. I want more play dates with kids his age. I can't wait to take him home to cousins and stuff this week!
This is how gangsters eat tomato soup I guess.
Tanner took him to our wards Christmas party. I was working - of course. Tanner played an inn keeper during their acting out of the Christmas story. Emily was nice enough to take this picture of my boys. Love it.
And here's one last one for good measure. Harv getting into the Christmas spirit.
Gosh we love this kid so much. Can't stand it :)


  1. He's so cute it kills me. How cute is Harvey and the dogs???! So adorable!

  2. I hate that he is getting so big and I also love it! He is just so adorable! Also, I love these monthly updates. Just sayin. :)