Sunday, December 7, 2014


One of our favorite family's/friend's we have made up here, the Merkley's (many posts involving or including them) got a new job in Houston and are busting out of the Bakken soon. Too soon. They thought it would have happened a lot sooner this year, but it didn't. And then I just kept enjoying their presence and thinking they would never leave. A couple weeks ago, Emily told me they got the new job and were going to be moving in like a month from that time. Crazy! So we had to squeeze in one final meal together, since we were leaving to Utah and they were going to be gone when we would get back.
Such a great family. Emily is a great person and I really learned a lot from her about selfless service and friendship. Things I hope I can remember and incorporate as well as she does. She has some super cute and really funny boys. I'm sad Harvey won't get to become better buddies with Declan.

Williston will most definitely not be the same without them. I really am going to miss them, but hope they find all manner of success and happiness in a much warmer Houston!


  1. I miss her like crazy! You and I will have to get together to commiserate and wallow in our collective sorrow!

  2. I needed to come back and read this again today because Houston is feeling awfully lonely. You're awesome.

  3. AWWWW....Emily sounds like the kind of friend everyone wants and needs!!! BUMMER. Thank goodness for FaceTime and lots of other tricks to help us FEEL close, even when were not in proximity.