Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birthday Party vs. Valentine's Day

I'll just come right out and say what the winner was. Definitely birthday party. I don't think Tanner or I are big V-day people, and since that day was just about the only one that would work for a party, we had very little pink and hearts about the place. We didn't really have that many decorations at all. A banner and some blue and green balloons, which we discovered Harvey was TERRIFIED of. Like shrieking, crying, I'm about to die kind of scared. Oops. Sorry bud. It did get better through the day as all the kids were playing with them and him and eventually he got over it and now is still kind of playing with the remnants. Whew. That was a close call.
 I made homemade bread that morning and we had a sandwich bar. It turned out awesome I think. Tanner upped the ante a bit by suggesting we buy fancy honey's and cool honey comb's to dispense. It was a great idea!
 (My pictures of the whole day were less than desirable...oh was chaotic in a GOOD way!) So yeah, we had like 5 different types of flavored honey, 2 kinds of jam, crunchy and creamy pb, and nutella and banana's. Then a bunch of fruit, chip assortments and juice and water for drinking. Yum! And then I made sugar cookies and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Food was a big success I thought. And we had a good turn out. We were going to do it a few different places but in the end just tried to make it work at our house. We would have invited a few more friends but we were already about to maximum occupancy in our little trailer. I think including kids we had about 25 people at one time. And close to 15 kids. That's a lot in a small space! But it was so fun!

Trying all the flavors!
The party spilled into Harv's room and the living room. We did presents really informally. He got some cool trucks from the babysitters family. A V-tech toy and baseball bat/tee from the Mabeus'. Some duplo leggo's from the McBrides some fun personalized trinkets and treats from all the McMillan kiddos (so sweet) and puzzles from the LaPierre's. Very very nice! (Oh - and his package from Mimi and Papa and grandma Elaine came last week too...awesome alphabet magnets, some construction bath toys and some books. Elaine sent a super cute baseball outfit!)
Christine Higgs and her 3 kids, Riley, Braylen and Camden

4 of 5 of the McMillan kids and Wyatt LaPierre (in the hat)

Camden, one of the babysitter's kids,LOVES him!!
Then it was cake time. He was super stoked on getting back in his high chair so it was a rough start...enjoy the progression...

Then it was ok. And someone gave him a knife (he loves utensils) so then it was just him stabbing it mostly. Here's a couple videos. It wasn't the most exciting cake smash encounter but he was still cute.
And this one is short and especially funny!
Are you caked out yet!? I'm really glad we ended up doing something for his day, even though he doesn't care. It was fun to enjoy a big milestone birthday with people we love, especially since we couldn't be with family.

The end of the day we did get to go on a date. We got a babysitter and went to dinner at Sakura and got some yummy hibachi food. Always entertaining and Tanner and I both caught our flying food on the first try. That part of hibachi always gives me a little anxiety :) Then we went and saw a movie. It was a fun night and maybe one of if not the first real live date we have been on since Harvey was born. That sounds crazy but it really might be true. Happy birthday Harvey and on the side, happy love day!


  1. Super fun! I was bummed we missed it, and now even more so...dang sick kids! Glad it was a good time. :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a party! It looked so fun! And that last video is hilarious! His expressions kill me! hahaha