Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One year...WHAT!?

What a huge milestone we have made it to as parents. And as a Harvey - although I don't think the significance sunk in as much with him. I have mixed feelings. At times I can't believe that it was just a year ago that we were in the hospital and he was the tiniest thing ever, and other times I can't believe he's only been in our lives one year. I do want time to stand still. This time is SO much fun. But I still get so excited to watch him grow and learn. I look forward to experiencing his future!

I have to kind of combo this blog with his developments of the last month and also plenty of  pics of birthday stuff :)
He is so much better at napping. It feels like we actually have a routine now...after one year. Haha. Sheesh. Sleeping at night is still great and life in this department is finally a stress free zone! Love it. I even think we are about done with nursing. I've been just giving him bottles before naps and nursing him at night. But I work the next few days so I think he's gonna be all bottle soon. And he's taking half whole milk and half breast milk like a champ. I am sad about this but I think I'm also ready. I am pretty tired of pumping. I think if I was home all the time it would be different, but work is crazy busy all the time and it's hard to step away to do that. I am so so grateful though that nursing was easy and successful for me, and that pumping was productive and relatively fast. I was very very blessed in that department. I really loved breastfeeding and I'll miss those moments with my baby who practically is hardly a baby anymore...

Some of his loves are cars, books, swimming, balls, putting lids on things (tupperware or twisting them on and off water he LOVES that). He also loves steering wheels and pens and anything that shakes. His favorite foods right now I'd have to say are dried fruit (blueberries, raisins, figs and dates so far), those freeze dried yogurt bites, bread and pasta. His fruit and veggie eating has not been as stellar as I would like. Tanner introduced him to oreo's recently and he LOVED those!

He has been pretty good with oatmeal and dates

I have gotten him to enjoy some of my green smoothies which makes me really happy. But it's hit and miss. One day he'll pound something and the next day won't touch it. Weird.
I gave him a Popsicle for the first time a few days ago. I'm not sure he thought it was that awesome. Maybe a little too cold?

He's starting to show a lot of interest in his stuffed animals. He has two dogs that we keep in his crib that actually look just like Gus and Rozzi (it was Samson before it was Gus) and he loves the Gus one. He gives all manner of "loves" and hugs. Anything soft he comes up to he lays down on - which I think I made mention of in the Las Vegas blog. It's sweet.

 He's started pointing with one finger and giving a little, short "uuuhh" whine/type sound when he wants something. It actually is pretty effective but it will be nice when he starts using real words. I can't really say he has a word yet. Still the "uh" for uh oh and he says something that sounds like the last part of fish when we are by the fish tank, but that might be about the extent of his vocab right now. He is still very vocal, just like he has been his whole life, but it's his own noises and sounds. Love it though.
He loves climbing on stuff. And we are getting really really close to officially walking. He's taking probably 4-5 steps pretty easily. Today he went a little farther. I don't know when you officially say he's walking but he doesn't stand up on his own and doesn't walk unless it's in between people. We visited Tanner at work yesterday and we were trying to do it between Tanner and I but he kept turning and going to some of Tanner's work friends. It was pretty impressive. He gets REALLY excited about doing it so usually he's really off balance because he starts spazzing out. I need to get a video of it!

Here's some random pics...
He was pretty sick here a couple weeks ago. Usually his colds don't keep him down but he did NOT feel to good with this one. Poor thing. 

Watchin' golf with dad

Sweetest little hands ever
 One of the rare nights he has some issues at night. Dad offered to feed him a bottle. He has interesting holding technique. And great bed head :)

From floor to box to ottomon.
Everyone wants attention.

One of his favorite places to play lately. He was in there for almost an hour just doing whatever the other day. Sweet...until he starts dumping dog food all over the floor.

Our friend's the McBride's have a little Yorkie and Harv loves kennels, big or small. When we went to do his one year old photo shoot he got stuck in it. It was actually pretty funny. I was impressed he even got in there. And he really couldn't move once he was all tucked in.
There's a big Wesleyan church right by our house that did a big addition last year. There's a little playground inside that we had never been to. We went and checked it out recently. He had a pretty good time.

Now for a quick birthday breakdown. My parents send a package that we opened Tuesday morning so they could face time while he opened his presents. He got a couple new cars for his vtech go go smart wheels collection and some new track and also some awesome metal tonka trucks. A dump truck and bulldozer. He was pretty darn excited about those and keeps trying to climb in or on either of them.

We played with them a little more that day, and I imagine we are going to have a LOT more fun with them in the future. Tanner was even looking online yesterday at expanding the collection :)

This morning we did his presents before Tanner went to work. I'd say they were a success. Hopefully they keep him entertained for awhile!

I think I've finally figured out how to get videos to post here. Maybe. There have been a lot so maybe it's a good thing I haven't known till now. I just have to post this one because it's so adorable to me. Hopefully it works.
After presents we all enjoyed some tasty breakfast waffles. (so many pics of Harvey eating - so many cute and funny things happen in that spot!)
He got a toothbrush :) Exciting huh? And some bath toys. And we had a bubble bath for the first time today. We actually had about 3 baths today. He kept draining the water and not wanting to get out. So since it was his birthday and all, I just kept refilling it and letting him play.

We got out of the house and went to the gym. He played all over the playground and was loving it. And he got in his stair stepping workout.

 After dad got back, we went out to eat. He also got a new car seat. He's never been a huge fan of his rear facing one. I'm hoping facing forward will make longer car rides more enjoyable for everyone. He looked so tiny in it! The short ride he seemed to like the view though!

It is so amazing to me how much power such a little thing has to change a person. All my goals and dreams and fears and priorities and efforts and plans have changed and now revolve around this little human. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I mean, I'm still ME, with personal interests and self motivated desires, but I am definitely not the person I was before Harvey. And he motivates me to want to be better in every possible way. Sometimes I'm still not better but I'm so grateful for him and for his daily inspiration :). I love being his mom so much. Happy birthday little buddy. Mom and dad love you like crazy!


  1. He is seriously THE CUTEST little boy ever!! Can't believe he's already one!

  2. His giggle is the best sound in the world!! I love that boy!!