Friday, March 20, 2015

A happy day

I just felt the need to blog about today. Two reasons really; one - it was just a great day. Nothing super out of the ordinary, but Harvey was just SOOO good and fun and happy and funny that my heart is just spilling with joy and love. That sounds so cheesy. Sorry. It's just true. I love him so much and love being a mom so much. And today was just one of those great mom days. The other reason I must blog is because I took like a million pics and video and want to post them. So there :)

He slept in till 8, which has happened twice in his life, so that was a great start to the day. He was very self sufficient all day, just entertaining himself. One of his favorite games is throwing things into the garbage can. He really is obsessed with garbage cans. He says "ckkuuu" like rolled at the back of his throat, all the time. He points out garbage cans every where we go. He loves throwing his diapers in the garbage after I change him. It's weird. Funny, but weird. Gotta watch that kid or who knows what we'll end up really throwing away!
My visiting teachers came over today and that was a wonderful visit. I love them. And they both brought kids and Harvey was in heaven just running around and playing. He took an awesome nap after they left.
He woke up happy and ate lunch like a champ. Then we went to the park. I actually ran, which hasn't happened in awhile, which made me feel pretty happy. And then we played at the park. (Here come the pics).

At first he was struggling a little bit walking around. He kept falling. And when he first tried to walk down or up the ramp he couldn't quite get it. But after a few minutes, he was CRUISING around like nobody's business. And he was loving it.

He means business when it comes to steering wheels
We had the whole park to ourselves which was great. We just wandered around wherever he wanted to go. We ended up at the sand box. He thought walking around on that was pretty cool. And then he reached down and touched some and it was over. It was his first time discovering sand and it was awesome. He loved it.

We came home and he was still awesome. He just walked around giggling and playing. He had a little ping pong ball that I put in my mouth and spit out at him and he thought it was HILARIOUS. Something about balls getting hit or thrown or spit in his direction... Oh boy. He was laughing his head off and I did it about 15 times. Best sound in the world!

We took Gus to a guy who trains dogs to hunt pheasants so Rozzi is a lone doggie again. He will be gone about 3 months Roz seems a little bummed. Harv likes to try and cheer her up :)
And I made a new homemade pizza tonight that knocked it out of the park. Oh man it was so good. Tanner was teasing me that I take pictures of food. Ya - maybe it's dumb but man I love food. So when it's awesome, I like to document it. I thought this pizza was definitely picture worthy.
Roasted veggies layered with mozarella and topped with dollops of ricotta cheese. Oh. My. Gosh. Heaven :)
Tanner left after dinner to catch his flight to Phoenix for a week with his brother. Golfing, baseball, sunshine. I'm jealous, but super excited for him! It will be great. So Harvey and I just played a little bit more in his room. And again - so happy and good and funny and awesome. I wish I could record every second (or almost every second) of his life. He is so entertaining and cute :)

 This kid loves his books! He will pull out book after book and sit and flip through the pages. Obviously from the pics he pulls out plenty of other things too. Little tornado. And after playtime, he asked for his puppy and pointed to his bed. So we went and brushed his teeth (which he loves) and got his bottle and he went to bed like an angel. He is the most precious thing. Feeling so grateful right now! I love days like this. And we love our little Harv!


  1. That pizza...I would kill for that pizza!!

  2. Oh man! His outfit at the park was so cute! And that last picture of him with the steering wheel was just perfect! I also think you should get him a little basketball hoop! I bet he would love throwing things through that!! :)