Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week with the Colton's

Harvey's regular babysitters that we love went to Minneapolis for spring break and I worked the whole week. So my friend Stephanie was willing to keep him for the whole week! She was awesome and sent a few pics during the week. He had a great time! It's always so hard leaving him but I feel so blessed we have good people to watch him and love him!
It makes me so happy hearing all the details and getting pics throughout the day.
Also - one Saturday while I was working Harv went to his first bachelor party with dad. It was more a gun shooting hang out thing with some guys from Tanners work. He sent me these awesome pictures. 
(The guy above is Jon, the wedded one to be)
Harv is such a trooper! Love his guys :)

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  1. Oh my heck!! He looks adorable with the ear muffs on!! Hahaha! What a stud! :)