Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day trippin'

It's been awhile since we've gone to Minot. Tanner learned of an outdoor show he wanted to check out, the weather was gonna be nice, I was off work, we needed wipes, etc, and really we wouldn't have even needed those reasons. It's nice to get outta town once and awhile. Harvey was a trooper. It was his first long trip in his new car seat. 
First stop was the outdoor show. Tanner may or may not have had some intestinal troubles and while in the bathroom someone may or may not have asked him if he was okay through the stalls. I was dying when he told me that.  We wandered around for a couple hours. Harv (and dad) got the biggest smile on his face when we set him on a little dirt bike with training wheels. 
He looks like a natural huh? After the show we went to lunch at a newish restaurant for us (Tanner tried it and loved it while in Minot for work a little while ago). It's called The Starving Rooster. It was a cool little place and the food was awesome. Harvey got a little sick of being there before we were done though :)

Then we went to the park. It's a cool park with a pretty trail system. There were tons of kids at the playground. I was hoping Harvey would drink a bottle and sleep for a bit while we walked. But he didn't. He wasn't as big a fan of nature. 
We did get a little play time in too.
Then off to the mall. Not a trip to Minot without stopping at the mall. Old navy, Barnes and Noble, Scheel's, Target and Coldstone (ice cream on pi day). We scored a free bus stroller for Harv which was awesome because he was tired and there's nothing like a good steering wheel to keep that kid happy forever. 
Harv got some new clothes. And so did I! And Tanner got something he's been dreaming about and researching and planning and wanting for years...
Happy boy!! 
The drive back was kind of eventful. I gave Harvey a bottle hoping he'd drink and fall asleep. Well he somehow poked in the nipple so all the milk poured out on him and in his car seat. He was soaked and there was a lot of things covered in milk. Then he pooped so we stopped in Stanley to change him. There wasn't a changing table in the girls bathroom so I started undressing him while waiting for Tanner. Long story short - he had poop coming out his diaper and I didn't realize it and so it got all over my pants and shirt. And so I went in the men's room with Tanner to try and get him and myself cleaned up. So gross. He lost a onesie there and I just smelled poop the whole way home. Good times had by all. For real, though. It was such a fun day!

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  1. Haha I love your fun adventures...minus the poop part ;) And that picture of Tanner and Harv with the dirt bike is THEE cutest thing I've seen! Too much cuteness in one photo!!!