Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4 years!

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary. It is crazy to me that we have celebrated every year of marriage while living in ND. We've been here a long time! It really has been so good for us and I'm so happy I've had such a positive, level headed guy at my side through all the ups and downs of our last 4 years. Marriage is so awesome and I'm so grateful for Tanner always making me feel loved even when I surely do not deserve it. He is basically the best. Ever. 
He took the day off and we had a fun morning of cleaning and getting ready for our camping trip this weekend. Then we went golfing after Harv woke up from his nap. 
We even played 18. Well Tanner did. It was cool and very un-crowded so it was a perfect day. So much fun. Then we shopped for our trip. Then we got the babysitter so we could go on a date! We went to Sakura, one of Tanner's favorite places. I love it too and a hibachi grill and Asian cook is always a good time! 
This was my plate AFTER I finished eating. T and I have been on a bit of a diet and so I was incredibly proud of myself for how little I ate. Pre diet conditions I would have eaten all of this. Fatty pants. It was incredibly delicious. Then we shared a mini vanilla raspberry concrete mixer from Culver's and felt very satisfied and so happy. We went and saw Inside Out which I was so excited to see and was not disappointed. Witty, cute, funny, touching. Loved it. 
It was a perfect day. I sure do love this man. Looking forward to many more years of life adventures with him!


  1. 4 years!! So crazy! Congrats to you two!

  2. AWWWWW.....So cute. Happy BELATED anniversary you two!!