Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fun with Harvey

I haven't really done a Harvey specific blog for awhile. Although most of our other blogs are very Harv heavy. But we've had some fun with him in the last month and I have some random pictures to post so here we go.
He's kind of becoming obsessed with cars and motorcycles. Just like his cousin Payne. He loved looking through a couple car magazines Tanner has had recently. 
We tried out the splash pad here in town for the first time a few weeks ago. He mostly just ran around. I don't think he was a fan of all the splash. He LOVES the pool and doesn't mind water falling on his head or splashing himself but the splash pad just wasn't quite his thing. We'll try again someday. 
(I just love how he loves holding my hand)
I've also noticed lately he's been a lot more interactive with Rozzi. Like climbing on top of her a lot. It's pretty funny and Roz is such a good sport. 

He's just exponentially turning more into a busy body. I pick up 5 things and turn around and he has 6 more things pulled out and strewn across the floor. It's amazing his skill, really. He's into everything. Loves to climb up on the ottoman and face plant into Tanner or pillows on the couch. He keeps trying to climb up and into weird places. 
He. Loves. Golf. And Tanner and I are a big fan of that. He carries his clubs around at home whacking balls all the time and we've gone to the golf course a couple times recently and he won't let go of his ball or club. Except to drop his ball and try to hit it. He likes setting his balls into divots and holes. We've got some stuff to work on ;)
Random photo: I LOVE LOVE how he sleeps like this. Usually his arms are tucked underneath him but the crossed legs and bum up!? Kills me. 
Another park day with my visiting teachers and kids. 
Another park, another day. 
We had a day where I decided to do a Pinterest sensory activity. It was pretty fun and cool. Metamucil and water boiled till slimy. I have a great video I'll have to add when I am on my computer. 
We moved the furniture and got out all his V-Tech tracks. He was pretty good at keeping the cars on the roads and playing with it. 
We went to the ARC and did the pool which he just loves so much and then played some bball. He loves basketball too. He wants me to try and lift him up so he can put the ball in the basket but it's far too high so it's not very productive. 
He is so much fun to hang out with. He cracks me up. He also is getting pretty deep into a tantrum phase. He's got a short fuse and if the string cheese gets taken out of the wrapper and he wants it in;  Woah buddy. Screaming. On the floor. And then it cracks me up how quick the switch flips back to happy and fine. I saw his first on the floor, legs kicking fit recently which was fun for everyone. Oh toddlers. But mostly he's just awesome, funny and so gosh dang cute!