Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This is a little behind but better late than never. I think we've mentioned a few times that Gus was away at a training camp, or whatever you want to call it. Another guy in our ward had sent their golden doodle there and told us about it about the time Tanner was trying to find a place to send Gus. It was for him to be trained to be a pheasant hunting dog. I believe it was March 18th that the fam took a drive to Glendive, about an hour and a half from Williston, to drop him off. The owner and trainer, Jim was really cool and nice. He showed us around the place and demonstrated some of the stuff the dogs learn with a few of the other dogs that were there as well. The plan was for Tanner to go down a couple Saturday's while Gus was there to learn and watch and visit. Unfortunately it never worked out. But they did have a Facebook page and I borrowed a few of the pics of Gus while he was there. For blogging purposes, ya know.
I guess he got into something and needed to get shaved. We thought he was just getting trimmed or something but he got a full on buzz. Doesn't look like him at all. 
I was actually pretty nervous about him coming back. I didn't know if we'd have to kind of re house-train him, how he and Rozzi would do, how he'd be with Harvey, etc etc. He was gone almost 4 months. Tanner picked him up on July 12. And honestly it has been awesome
having him back. It's like he didn't even skip a beat with anything. Haven't found him chewing on anything he shouldn't. He listens a little bit better. And he has been perfect with Harvey and as playful and snugly as ever with Roz. It's awesome. 
Harvey especially seems happy to have him back. He really loves Gus! Loves playing fetch with him and pulling his tail and giving him loves :) 
Tanner has taken him out a few times to have him practice finding a scented decoy and run around and not get rusty before pheasant season. He's done really well and I know at least one person in the house that has a reason to be excited for winter :)


  1. Such a cutie pie pup!! :) I'm in love with the picture of him and Harvey.. So super sweet. I love cuddly dogs. :)

  2. Ok...we seriously need to get Logan a puppy! Harv and Gus are too cute!!