Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chokecherry Festival

This is probably a little known fact for most of you - but the Chokecherry is North Dakota's state fruit. Neat huh? They are little tiny grape looking berries that are really bitter. But they make GREAT sugary things, like honey and syrup. Each year North Dakota has festival celebrating the special little fruit. It goes two days, they have a dinner, free ice cream, kids activities, 5k, 1k races, vendors, free pancake and sausage and chokecherry (duh) syrup, etc. We went on the Saturday and got the breakfast, which was tasty and just about worth the wait in line. They had a sandbox and bubble blowers and balloon makers and bounce houses and a big pool where they had shows of dogs jumping the distance. We spent a few hours in the morning and then came back to see if Gus would do it. He didn't. He was a wimp, which surprised us both with how much he loved the water the week before. Oh well :)

Tanner killin' it in the Chokecherry pit spitting contest.
I love watching him interact with other kids. It's becoming more like real interaction lately too.
We met up with our friends the McBride's for a bit.
His balloon lasted about 5 minutes. Definitely NOT worth the (3 min) wait in line.
I wasn't a very good photographer of things that happened that day. These are all kind of dumb pictures but it helps keep the memory alive, right?


  1. We have missed exactly THREE chokecherry festivals since we've lived here....always, always, always out of town! Looks like so much fun, though.

  2. A pit spitting contest, eh? haha. Nice!