Thursday, August 13, 2015

18 months

That title is just a sneaky way to say a lot of random pictures of the last couple months are coming your way :) Harvey turned 18 months on August 11. He is such a fun kid. We've been taking him to nursery for a little over a month now. He does fine if we sneak out but usually about a half hour before church gets over he gets brought to one of us cause he is just too sad. Hopefully he learns to like staying there the whole time and makes some friends!
He still doesn't talk a whole lot but has a lot of partial syllable words that most of the time I know what he's trying to say. He jabbers like crazy and I think I can't wait for when I understand what he's saying. Some of his new words are bobcat (bob), bulldozer (bull), boat (bo), ball (ba),baseball (bay-ba), golf, (kind of sounds like ball maybe?), ice, exercise, medicine, mouse, Jesus (all sound like sss), popcorn is the cutest   thing he says! He does the signs for "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" and repeats "pop, pop". Kills me. He makes a really cute noise for train. And he hits his hands on his chest when I ask him what the gorilla does. He does a snake sound and a cow. I know there's a lot more words he is saying but I'm struggling right now. It's late :)  I think the talking and communication seems to be the biggest change and development lately.  I feel right now that I am going to enjoy his non stop talking. We'll see :) He's got a such a cute little voice, though, so I don't know how I could not!
He has been folding his arms for prayers for awhile, but he still doesn't last more than 10-15 seconds into a prayer...most of the time. He is getting some "stink" in him. Throws fits and throws himself on the ground when things (mostly ridiculous) don't go his way. Seems like he's embracing the toddler expectations perfectly. It's a little more funny to me than it should be at times. And sometimes it's just plain frustrating or annoying. His sweetness and laugh and smile more than compensate for his difficult moments, though!
He's really in love with construction trucks and cars. He's been having fun with blocks and legos more lately. He loves the broom and mop and "cleaning" my floors for me. So nice :) Still loves any type of ball. He's getting pretty good at throwing them, swinging a bat and swinging his golf club. Oh, and he loves guns. Like a lot. I brought a couple nerf guns home from work (a doctor had them for awhile there just to mess with people) and he latched on to those like crazy. He has picked up sticks at the park and made his shooting sound and actions. He has also done that with pancake pieces that resembled a gun and bath toys he hooked together and some other magnet toys he has at church that he rotated to kind of look like a gun. Hope it's just the boy in him and not something I should be concerned about ;)  He likes to be sung to and still loves looking at books. He likes to tickle by squeezing my collar bone. Mostly it just hurts but he thinks it's funny so I laugh :) He has figured out he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He requests to watch it at least once a day.  I usually concede once a day too. He loves to be outside and likes going for walks and loves the park and sand box. Loves popcorn too :)
Who needs clothes to golf?!
 I could look at pictures of him sleeping all day long :)
I bought a $10 pool at tractor supply and we had some fun with that. Mostly he just liked the hose.
 There was a bobcat down the road that was digging up a yard for a bigger driveway and he would get the dirt and drive by our house to dump it down the street a little bit. Harvey sat and watched him forever. And every time the guy drove by he'd honk and laugh and wave. It was pretty funny. Loves his bobcats. He points those out like he used to point out garbage cans. They're a little less numerous up here but we still see quite a bit! (He has lightened up on the obsession for garbage cans - still is great about throwing stuff away for us though!)


 We have park days quite often. I surprisingly DON'T take pictures every time we go. But a lot ;) We tried the splash pad again and there wasn't any big kids but a couple other about his size and he got a little more daring with it.

He found a mud puddle and had some fun splashing in that!

We took a trip out to Minot one day for a Ward conference. We had a picnic on the lawn before making the drive back. I just love these pictures.

We got to babysit our friend Ammon one day. He did pretty good with him. We don't get to hang out too often with kids younger than him so it was good for all of us.

One Saturday we had gone to Minot for a parade that was kicking off the fair. It was Harvey's first parade and he quickly learned the throwing candy thing was a pretty sweet gig. He didn't like the dressed up characters. When he saw them coming he'd back up into me and hold on really tight and then as soon as they passed, he'd start waving. It was funny. We would have stayed longer but it felt like the windiest day of the year and so much sand was blowing around and it was pretty annoying. Still fun.  Experiencing anything with Harvey is fun :)

Love this little profile smile!

And here are some other just random things.


Playin' hot wheels. Can never have too many.

Learning the big wooden thing in our living room actually plays music! He loved it.
Checking out the new Sportsman's Warehouse in town
Not sharing popcorn
Okay, you can have some...
Good girl.
This kid is a riot. Man he's so much fun. He makes us laugh on a daily basis. He understands so much and seems to be developing a very entertaining sense of humor. He is awesome at giving "loves" and kisses and will blow kisses and wave to everyone. He is so fun to hang out with. I just love these moments with him, but also miss the days that pass, and then get so excited to see what tomorrow  will bring with him!


  1. He is just too cute! And growing up so quickly!

  2. I can't believe how big he is getting!! Why do they have to grow so fast??