Sunday, August 16, 2015


Tanner texted me a few weeks ago saying he saw a sign that Mat Kearny was going to be in town. I almost couldn't believe it for two reasons. One - Mat Kearny is famous. And we live in Williston. Those two things don't mix. And two - I REALLY like Mat. Such good music. Couldn't believe our good luck! We bought tickets pretty early and awaited our date night (Aug 15).
We got our babysitter but were running a titch late and I was all nervous we wouldn't find a parking spot or get good seats or standing spots. The concert started at 7 and we got there at about 6:15 ish. There weren't very many cars parked around the venue which we thought was weird. We ate taco in a bag before heading in. And when we walked in this is what we saw...
No joke. That place could have held well over a couple thousand and honestly, the whole night I don't think there were more than 200 people. I was sorely disappointed in Williston. And felt really bad for the bands. We watched the first girl, Sonia Leigh from the side. She was really good! After that we decided to take our place on the floor - very front and center. There were 4 other bands. The Classic Crime, sweet rock band that I really liked. The Delta Saints, a rock/bluegrass/country type group that I enjoyed just cause of the live-ness of it.  Then Parachute - another famous band that was funny and made jokes about the bleakness of the crowd. Really liked them live!
Then Mat Kearny came on. Oh blessed day. It was soooo good. I love his music and I loved his stage presence or whatever. He was funny and joking with the crowd and about how many trucks he saw here. He said he'd never seen so many Ford F150 trucks in his life. He asked the crowd how many people had a Ford truck and Tanner was one that raised his hand and he asked him if it was an F150. T said yes and he asked what color. He then told Tanner he was lame because it wasn't white like everyone else.
During one of his songs he jumped down and was running around the tiny crowd and letting people high five him and take pictures with him. He also took people's phones while he was on stage and videoed him singing in their camera. Before he hopped back up he ran up to Tanner and was like, come on man, so Tanner fumbled getting his camera off video and I was watching and then realized I should hop in the pic too, duh!! I'm mostly just a shiny ball but you can sorta tell I'm there. 
So rad. The whole thing was awesome. He was definitely the highlight and unfortunately got us and our babysitter home PRETTY late. My feet were killing me from standing all night. But dancing and yelling to fun live music and being with Tanner for it all was just SO worth it. I felt younger than I am and sometimes that's nice too :) A perfect evening for sure!

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