Saturday, October 24, 2015

Overnighter in Bismarck

We haven't been to Bismarck, ie temple, for awhile. We weren't planning on going the weekend we went but I got basically invited by some friends so they and we could have a babysitter. Unfortunately Tanner already had commitments that weekend so early afternoon Friday, Harv and I hitched a ride with the Jordan's and off we went. He did pretty good on the drive. For someone who doesn't do good in general on long car rides. They dropped me off Friday night so I could do the evening session and they took Harvey to dinner and the dollar store. 
He took a power nap at Texas Roadhouse. Then they picked me up and we all went back to the hotel. It was pretty late by the time we got checked in but not late enough for Harvey to have his routine hotel room partying. Pushing buttons on the microwave and thermostat, jumping on the bed, running around like a crazy person, etc etc. 

We shared a king bed and I wanted to be able to take a picture so bad because Harvey was basically sleeping across my neck or RIGHT next to me. And there was a LOT of bed leftover. We both finally fell asleep and did pretty good all night. He woke up early. We had breakfast and then went to the pool. 
He was fascinated by the kids going down the slide. And overall he wasn't. A huge fan of me having to help him. He wanted to go in the deep/big kid area but without me. So that was fun. As soon as I'd jump in, he'd decide he didn't want to. So there was a lot of in and out. But he was a riot in the shallow area. He was running around and belly flopping and jumping up and landing on his bum. Sometimes in the deeper areas so he'd go under. I'd rescue him and he'd keep going. So funny. 
Then I took Maggie's kids, Rosalie and Vaughn to the park while they had their turn. A little chilly but they seemed to have fun. 
Then we stopped at Wendy's for lunch and then Target in Minot. Oh boy. He had quite the meltdown upon leaving there. Yikes. But considering his fatigued state he did alright on the way home and it was great hanging with Maggie's fam and it was SOOO great getting to the temple again. It sucks it's so far away. A perfect short little trip!

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  1. I love how he has to "explore" any hotel room! So adorable!