Saturday, October 24, 2015

Family hunt

Ever since we got Gus back from the trainer, and probably well before that even, Tanner has been so excited about pheasant season. Opening day was a couple of weeks ago. He has been out quite a few times. He wanted me to get an apprentice license, where I didn't have to do hunter safety and could just go with him this year. So I did that, weather was awesome on Thursday, so we went for it. 
We didn't see a ton of birds. I took one shot at one. He got one bird. It was so funny though because Harvey was riding in the backpack with Tanner (with earmuffs on) and when Tanner walked over to pick up the bird, Harv freaked out. Like terrified. Or maybe so sad we killed it. Haha. I don't know. He wasn't too thrilled for a little while after Tanner put it in the back of the best I had on either. He eventually warmed up to the idea. And mostly loved being outside with guns. It was kind of hard for me. All pregnant and out of shape etc. A lot of walking and a lot of uneven, thickly covered ground and a heavy shotgun. I'm such a wimp right now :( I don't know if I'm going to become some hard core hunter. Well - I'm pretty sure I won't. But it was fun to do something Tanner loves and be outside and with the fam. We stopped and he kept going for a bit. So then I did my duty as photographer. 
Still not so sure... But a few minutes later...
That's one cute little boy though, huh!?

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