Thursday, February 11, 2016

Birthday boy!

I'm already excited for birthday number 3 for this kid, just because he really got excited about this one and seemed to have a clue what was going on - so I'm sure it will be even more fun next year. Probably will have to step it up a bit as far as celebrating. Tanner has been out of town all week so we gave him his presents and did cake on Sunday. After church Tanner set up the two trucks we got him and put them in our room so he walked in and saw them. See his cute reaction!? So fun!!

(He didn't wear that tie to church, FYI). Then we put his next present in the room and told him he had another birthday surprise. He got so excited and ran back in there. Again I thought his reaction was so fun.

He's definitely improved a ton in a few days. He had plenty of tips but mostly thought they were funny and then would pretend crash a lot also. 
So those things have been occupying him like crazy all week. I had his cake made after he got up from his nap and when he saw it all he wanted to do was mess with it. We held him off for as long as we could but eventually had to get after the cake before it got destroyed.
He pulled the big digger over thinking it needed to go on the cake too :) haha. He had a blast with it. And loved the fire and everything. And I guess you can't make a dirt looking cake with diggers and not expect him to get crazy with it. 
My parents sent a package too so we face timed with them while he opened it up. He scored in the movie department and got some cute vday pjs!
So cute. We watched a movie the next day and he picked Bugs Life. He wanted to watch it again the next day and I obliged. He's asked every day since but we haven't gotten to it again. I want to get him to see all the other classics!

So but all week when we've talked about birthdays (wished cousin Emery happy birthday, etc) he's gotten excited about his trucks. Definitely putting it all together and I think it made sense that it birthdays are a pretty cool and special thing! After a truck heavy Christmas and birthday, this is our life...
It has been tough pulling him away from this truck mecca. He can now say "play" and he says it all the time if we aren't in the room sitting with him. "Play, Mom (or Dad)!" He will grab my hand and say "play" and the way he says it is so dang cute it can not be resisted. Hence a lot of chores went undone this week.

This morning, his actually bday, we just played. He requested oatmeal and dates (one of his favs) for breakfast and then I had to work :( I did get to leave early to pick him up and then we went to Culver's. Lindy and Steve Mabeus and their girls, Lilly and Lucy joined us! 
He was absolutely adorable the whole time. Lilly was so cute and said happy birthday and gave him a hug and he just smiled and giggled! He ate like a champ (all that yummy "healthy" stuff) and was just so cute and fun!! He's getting into this "cheese" thing when we take pictures and for some reason the arms usually come up with it too. 

Oh my gosh I love this kid. He makes me laugh and smile a hundred plus times a day. Don't get me wrong - he has his unfresh moments too! He's got so many emotions that have got to be tricky to sort through. Lots of frustrations and melt downs and tantrums and "no!!" and yelling at me and some hitting and the potty training. Oh the potty training. Definitely not bringing out the best mom in me. Ugh. But there are just too many good funny happy spunky awesome things that come from this little human that it makes it unquestionably worth it. I can't believe it's been two years. Both that it's gone that fast and also that it's only been two years that we've been parents. That other life seems so far away. I love the mom and dad life. I love Harvey. Happy birthday to my absolute most favorite little pal. 


  1. Awe!! I just love that kid! He has got a crap ton of trucks haha. So cool. Also, that pic of you and him smiling is the dang cutest thing! Love you both and happy birthday to the little man!!

  2. Great post! Cute cake, and an even cuter kid! Can't believe he's two!