Monday, February 29, 2016

No more Trailerhausers

We were lovingly labeled as the Trailerhausers a couple years ago by some friends up here. I think it's pretty funny. But we've got big news and it's finally time to tell the tale! I have a tendency to be long winded so I'll see if I can attempt to avoid it a little.
We weren't actively looking to move back to Utah anytime super soon, but a few events occurred that landed a job opportunity in our lap that we decided to act on. I interviewed for it officially (again) in September and was given the job. It's an ER group that covers a couple hospitals in Davis county and I had interviewed with them a year before. We decided we wanted it and we'd move forward with making it happen and hope and pray pieces fell into place this time for us to end up back home. 
Before Christmas, Tanner bought a trailer so we could move some stuff home then. We emptied out the spare room and shed and took it to a storage unit in Utah. 

It was a weird feeling! Like we are committing and really doing this!! We kept it kinda hush hush at that time because we weren't quite ready to have his work find out. I told my job right before we left for Christmas.
January we listed our house for sell. We tried selling it a couple years ago when we were going to buy a house here but after 6 months nothing happened and the people sold their house to someone else and we kept living in the trailer. So I was HIGHLY skeptical of us being able to. With oil prices dropping so much the market up here is not what it used to be and people aren't moving here like they were. We had a little bit of interest but most of that ended up being nothing. Then about a week and a half ago we had a girl text me saying they were really interested. We had heard that before so tried not to get our hopes up too much. Well they ended up driving 4+ hrs from a small town in eastern Montana to check it out on Saturday. They gave us a down payment that day and we drafted a bill of sale and that was that. WHAAAATTT!? We sold our house!! We were both SOOO elated and HAPPY!! It really was a miracle and an answer to MANY prayers. We went to Sakura that night to celebrate. 
Harv calls it the fire num num and spots it from a mile away. He loves how they toss the eggs in pockets and hats and he loves their fried rice. He thinks he likes the fire till its big right in front of us and then he gets a little nervous :)

After we got home then everything started sinking in - basically all the things that needed to happen in a very short amount of time. Pack, clean, move, and sometime in there have a baby - all in a 3 week period. Yikes!! My parents are coming up for baby and will be here a week and we decided we should use their help while we have it and just get everything loaded and done and use my Mom to help me drive back to Utah with 2 kids. Tanner will have to stay up to work a bit and then he will come down for a week at Easter and then back up here for a few weeks while I enjoy my maternity leave in Utah. It's gonna suck being apart but hopefully goes by fast for both of us.
So he told his work last week finally. I had my last day last Wednesday. And we both realized how sad we are to be leaving our jobs. We have both felt so incredibly blessed with our jobs. They have been so great for us. Amazing people. Great experiences. Awesome bosses. The list goes on. But we are ready to prioritize being close to family and mountainous recreation that we have been missing so much while up here versus having the best jobs ever. And who knows - maybe we will get lucky and love our jobs there too!
Anyway - so after I finished work we spent the weekend in a mad packing and cleaning frenzy to try to get as much done as we could before baby and parents. 
Harv has obviously been a great helper ;)
And Tanner helped entertain him so he wasn't unfolding and throwing clothes all over the place. After saturday we had most everything done that we could do before parents and the house mostly  back together - so just waiting on baby!

But for real - this is so crazy to us that it's finally happening. And we are going to miss Williston so much. We have met the most amazing people and everyone that we have met has really left us a little bit better. It's the best thing Tanner and I could have done for us for a million different reasons. We are so excited to be home and with family again and have cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles and all of those important things, but Williston will always hold a very special place in our hearts. All of our wedding anniversaries will have been celebrated up here. Two babies. So many other great memories and things we've learned and experienced. We won't miss the drive to Utah, the wind, the negative 50+ wind chills (although it sometimes is fun to brag about what insane temps we are surviving!) and I certainly won't miss our "yard" or the trailer park. Won't really miss living in a trailer but it was a blessing for us and it was home for almost 4 YEARS!! Can't believe it. There are lots of things we are going to miss! The sky, the air, the people, our jobs, the easy commute to work and there's lots about a small town that I have come to love. All of it is so bittersweet! But it's time to have some new adventures and change it up a bit. Farewell Trailerhausers, farewell Williston, ND. We love you. 
Come see us in Utah very soon!! 


  1. Ahhhhh!!! This is real life! Can't even put into words how excited I am!!

  2. So exciting for you! Williston will miss you, and I'm glad I don't have to know what Williston is like without you!