Friday, February 5, 2016


Tanner keeps telling me I need to blog. And I keep asking what to blog about because no "events" have really happened. He just said "life". And life is good so I'll write a little about it.

We'll start with Harvey. He's awesome. So much fun right now.
Potty training is going ok. Depends on the day but I definitely think we are making solid advancements. Pooping on the pot is not his favorite and he needs a little reassuring while it's happening. We have a harder time when we go out and each of us get distracted. And he's not a huge fan of normal toilets. I have to sit behind him to make him sit and stay on it without freaking out. Not the most fun momming thing but we are doing good!

He has started talking so much more lately. Just in the last couple of weeks. He'll attempt to repeat our words a lot more. He knows all the main colors and can say all of them really well except red. It seemed we thought he was a little delayed in started to talk but he is a SMART boy and I love hearing his little voice try and say little words. He amazes me with his memory too. I wish I could constantly record everything he says and how he says it. Our ability to communicate has exponentially increased and it is awesome. His new word for golf sounds like "daw". Or something. And he's still obsessed with it. He loves watching it on tv and hitting his clubs anywhere he can. Tanner just got him a new driver too. 

Waiting for the golf simulator is hard work.

 He loves any sport really and we will range from golf to baseball to basketball to soccer to volleyball in any given time period. And he's quite coordinated. 

Why not bat from sitting on a dog??

We had a fun stretch of days while I was off work. Had some fun at the library and an indoor playground and visiting dad etc etc. 

Still loves the iPad and Mickey Mouse. Our morning routine involves him waking up, going pee, requesting milk and ba ba (hot dog, ie mickey mouse). Milk has to have juice in it (we've been using lots of prune juice to help with the pooping) and it has to be "woahmmm" (microwaved warm). He has been obsessed with the "boat" story of  Nephi building a boat. We started doing those "video" scripture stories from my iPad at breakfast. Haven't really been able to get past chapter 7 and 8 where he builds the boat and they cross the sea. We've slacked a bit because then he just wants to watch other stuff after on the iPad and then gets naughty if I do or don't let him. Have to figure something else out. But he loves the boat song - Nephi's Courage and helps me sing some of the parts. It's the cutest thing ever. 

Now for Greta...
She's measuring huge according to ultrasound. Head was 3 weeks ahead and body 2 weeks. Eek. The doctor has mentioned things like c section and vacuum forceps and I don't like that at all. I'm sure it will all be fine. She said I have good body type for birthing large babies...??? I'm hoping that is all being very overestimated. Except my birthing capabilities :)  But all looks well and she's moving like crazy and it's wonderful. She hugs up under my right ribs and it creates a constant discomfort vs pain almost. My back kills on a daily basis - just mid right like a bad muscle spasm but it's always worse at work and it's miserable. That's all I can say about it. We talk to Harvey about her all the time and he always responds to questions about if he's excited or if he wants a baby or if he's gonna share his toys, etc, with a definitive "no". Haha. I'm interested to see how he reacts to it all.
Some of my amazing nurse friends threw me a shower last Friday and it was so so fun. So nice to get out with some great gals. They were so incredibly generous and we got some adorable and great stuff. I feel so blessed to work with such great people that are also friends. 

I took this picture right before I left for the shower- almost 35 weeks. 

Definitely the slow moving time of pregnancy. Days are going by slow and physically I'm ready to be done and emotionally I'm just so excited to meet her! 

Both of us love our jobs. We really have been so blessed to be up here. The ER  has definitely slowed down which has been nice. I only have 15 days left on the schedule before maternity leave! Woo hoo! And crazy! Tanner is enjoying his maintenance position. He'll be in Minot all next week for training. Winter this year has been incredibly mild which is glorious. Harv and I even made it to the park last week cause it was like 40. What the heck!?  Very few below zero days and lots above 30. I don't even know where we live anymore but we will definitely take it! 

Um. I think that might be it for the pertinent updates. For now anyway. 


  1. Great post! You look amazing and you're almost there!! Can't wait to see photos of baby girl Greta! Miss you!!!

  2. Life sounds just peachy :) And Harv...well he is seriously just the cutest dang thing! I love it! Getting excited for Little Miss to be here!!

  3. Life is GOOD, isn't it?? Maybe not ALL of the time, but MOST. Harv is adorable, you look AMAZING and I can't wait to meet Gretta!!!!! YAY for baby girls and baby girl clothes!! ;)