Saturday, April 30, 2016

Greta is two (months)

Oh Greta girl, we love you! I'm going to make this blog easy on myself and make a quick comment on all the exciting things that a two month old can have going on with them, and then dump a bunch of pictures :) Awesome, right? Well, Greta is just wonderful. Towards the end of the two month mark, she started going about 5 hr stretches at night, and then maybe 3 hrs after that. Not bad. She's still been kind of grunty and squirmy, but it seems to have subsided slightly.
My friend Steff gave her this set, and a few days after we left the blanket at the park and no one turned it in. My mom and I are still SO sad about it. Cutest, softest blanket that ever was. Ugh.

Some superficial comments about her looks - she didn't seem to lose much hair and at first I thought the top part was coming in a little lighter but I might be wrong - she might not follow in her toe-head brother's footsteps. Her eyelashes have come in and are long and dark and beautiful. Her eyes are so incredible to me. And we kind of lucked out and missed the baby zit phase. She only had a couple for a couple of days. But if she's anything like me she'll more than make up for it in her adolescent and young adult life. Sorry, G!
No bald spot yet

She looks bald here which is funny. But she likes laying on her tummy on legs.
My FAVORITE thing that has happened is she officially started smiling and talking and cooing on purpose a week before she turned 2 months. Oh man. Best thing ever. 
Harvey is still a great big brother and loves to hold her and will help out with binky patrol. If he here's her crying, he usually will say "B, crying" or "B, sad" or "B, binky!" It's super sweet. He bonked her on the head the other day and a couple minutes later, when she was still crying, he came over of his own free will and gave her a huge hug and kiss and patted her head saying "tay, tay" (it's ok, or maybe asking if she was ok...still so sweet. And that happened after 2 months, but I don't want to forget to write it down :) )

Are you kidding me?!
She's got to make some new friends as well. She met my friend Brooke and her son Garrett, who loves her and held her for such a long time. She had some more bonding with cousin Logan and got up close and personal with the dogs. 

Here's some other random cute ones.

G-lo LOVES her grammy!
She's got some good facial expressions and scowls just like her brother did.
Finding treasures in grammy's cedar chest

And she is much more of a chubby baby than Harvey was. She's gained a leg roll a week, it seemed like. But oh how I love those chunky legs! And, those CHEEKS! So kissable :) We took her to the doctor on her birthday and she got her 2 month shots. She weighed in at 13lbs 1 oz. Meaning she gained almost 3 pounds in just over one month. Nice work G! She was 98% for length and head and 90% for weight. Other than her umbilical hernia (just like brother), she is super healthy, and a very happy and content little sweet heart. Gosh we love her!

Sumo baby!!!

Dr. Leah Farley
Ouch ;(

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  1. I seriously can't even handle it! She is the cutest!! That pic of her on her tummy and on your legs! I die! And her with Harvey! I mean seriously. It cannot get any better! :)