Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter Week

Blogging has quadrupled in difficulty for me now that there's two dependents in the household. I might have to alter how I do it and not make it so jam packed with every detail and every picture. I just don't know if I am capable of that. Ha.
Anyway - I'll do my best and it might get done in pieces, but you'll never know the difference.  Tanner got to fly home the Thursday night before Easter. It was a long 9 days which was rough because we have 7 weeks ahead of us. He wanted to take Harvey to the Lego store so that was our first official outing. (Tanner came to Greta's doc appt with me when we learned she could be off oxygen! Hooray!) Harvey picked out a blue Mustang and Tanner got himself a yellow Corvette.
 I really can't remember the exact dates we did things - which only matters in my OCD mind - because I'm several weeks behind and back dating this. But I believe that night we went to Boondocks with Nat and Preston and kids. Unfortunately for Harvey he was too small to even ride along in the go-karts (which we accidentally told him he'd be able to do), but he had the most fun "playing" the arcade games.

Love him trying to reach the pedals!

Harv LOVES his cousin Mitt!
Saturday we did a little scavenger hunt for Harvey to find his Easter present. I printed off pics of obvious household locations and put them in eggs. He sort of caught on and sort of stayed interested through the whole thing. He was dang excited when he opened his present though! FARR TRUCK!!


Harv and Greta also got there baskets from Grammy and Pop-pop

That night my Laura and Kathryn came down and we watched the Women's Broadcast and ordered mexican and ate with everyone. Tanner got some uncle time in.
Easter Sunday we went to Sacrament with my parents and then went up to visit Elaine in Layton for a bit and then came back for Easter dinner with the whole fam. I don't think I got any pics of that but it was a really FUN evening with everyone. All in all a great Easter!
Gosh she's adorable.

The best fam shot we could get.
Cool dude!
I think these pictures Tanner tried to get of the two of them later that day are hilarious. We just couldn't get either to cooperate. Guess it's good it wasn't during an expensive paid for shoot :)

We decided it would be a fun new family tradition to color Easter eggs for the family home evening Monday night after Easter. That's what we did anyway and we liked it. Kind of spreading out the festivities. Harvey LOVED it. He made a huge mess, which we wouldn't expect otherwise. He pretty much made every egg a greenish brown color. He kept grabbing eggs, whether they were colored or not already and dropping them into the closest cup, whether they had an egg or two in it already. So much fun. 

Oh, and while I was getting the colors ready he was making fun dip waffles :)
Tuesday my mom and Tanner and I and the kids made our way down to Thanksgiving Point to go the Museum of Natural Curiosity. (We stopped at Cabella's first because we were a little bit too early). It was a super cool place but HOLY!!! It was INSANELY crowded. Tanner and I amazingly kept our cool through the chaos and I think Harvey had a great time (although he did seem minorly overwhelmed with crowd as well at times), and then we got a delicious lunch at Mo Betta's and stopped at REI to pick up my new JOGGING STROLLER! YAY!

He loves his guns!

We got to get together with Tanner's family on Wednesday night. All but the lonesome Cache Valley crew unfortunately. It was so fun. Watching Harvey play with his cousins, and have so much fun, and beg for days after to see them again, made me not doubt that our decision to move home was the absolute right one and at a great time.
Haha - Harvey's eyes

Millie and Harv
Probably one of the hightlights for Harvey that week was getting to go visit uncle Carson at the fire station. The station he was working at has one of the big fire trucks with ladder and bucket on it. Harvey got to sit in the driver's seat, try on a real firefighter's hat, got a goody bag, AND they let out the ladder and let all three of us go up 100 ft in the bucket. I was a tiny bit nervous only for myself - I'm a wimp with heights. Harvey wasn't scared at all and thought it was super cool! We got to eat lunch with them and then they got a call, so Harvey got to hear that and watch them drive out of the station with lights and sirens blazing. He talks about it all the time. How the big fire truck went to help the people in the accident. And going way high up, etc. Thanks Carson! We love seeing Harv get so excited about stuff. Makes a parent's heart happy :)

My parents watched the kids for us one night so we could go out on a real live date. We took trax to downtown, ate at Melting Pot and then met up with a couple from Tanner's mission he hadn't seen since the mission. It was all SO glorious! It was probably our second, maybe third date in 2 years and it felt so nice, like a mini honeymoon! So much fun to just pay attention to each other and not have phones or kids as distractions.

Soooo good!
 Getting baths with Grammy and Pop-pop
 Saturday we did some conference watching, Tanner got in some golf, and then we had the Niederhauser Easter party at Carson and Nat's. We had an Easter egg hunt and ate yummy food and the boys watched conference and Harvey had a blast again playing with all the cousins! Love love love family!

Some other random pics from the week...

Ready for some camping!!
Experiencing his first In and Out burger - which I think was mostly bun for him.

A kennel is a great place to watch a movie from, right?

Tanner had to leave Sunday afternoon and it was the absolute pits. 3 weeks is just too long. Can't wait till we are all together again for good!

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  1. That museum at Thanksgiving Point looks awesome!! And your kids are adorable! And everything just is so fun! Loving all the pics!