Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A quick visit

Tanner is awesome and landed an interview with the company he recently applied for - Holly Frontier. Of course it couldn't be during the week he was home for Easter, so we bought another plane ticket for last Saturday-Wednesday. It was so awesome having him here. Not long enough at all. But it sure helped break up the 7 week stretch. The kids and I went to the airport and waited inside for him to come down the stairs. Harvey was too dang cute when he saw him and ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. It was precious. Then Tanner took Harvey on a father son outing to McDonald's and the race track where his brother and dad were driving their race car. Apparently Harvey really is Tanner's because he was in car heaven too!
That evening we went downtown so Tanner could get him a super sharp interview outfit. And sharp it was. Man he looked so good and I didn't even take a picture! 
Sunday we drove up to Smithfield and went to church with Mason and Carrie. Then Clare and Berrie and Preston and Nat and fam came up for dinner. Harv had a GREAT time playing with all of Payne's awesome toys. He spent most of the time playing by himself - so many new cars and trucks and other cool boy toys. He was NOT excited about leaving, to say the least. 
Monday we visited Carson at the fire station. He let Harvey spray the hose and sit in the drivers seat and just showed him all sorts of stuff. Again - a piece of heaven for the Harvster. It was awesome. 
Then Tanner picked himself up a new putter. Then we had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. Same restaurant Tanner and I had our 1st date at in Savannah 5.5 years ago :)
Tuesday morning was the interview. Tanner killed it. He felt really good about it and all the experience he has from
ND transfers really nicely to what this job entails and the people interviewing were quite impressed. So hopefully that means we will be hearing good news in a week or two. After that we drove up to Farmington and I babysat Millie while Carson and Tanner went golfing. The weather was predicted to be so awful the whole time Tanner was going to be here and it made me so sad because I wanted him to be able to do the stuff he wanted. Well - I believe we got some answered prayers because it really held out when it mattered and Tanner did get to do some fun stuff :) That night we went with Carson and Nat and Clare and Berrie to get sushi. Harvey ate edamame and pot stickers. Love it. 
Then we had to take Tanner back SUPER early the next morning. So sad. We are at less than 3 weeks now though. And yes, I am DEFINITELY counting down!

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  1. I LOVE how Harv is holding his little firetruck whilst in the big truck! Haha. Such a cutie! Way to go Tanner on the job getting skills! Woot!