Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zoo day

My mom and the kids and I met Laura and Logan and Kathryn at the zoo today and since Greta is deciding she doesn't much want to sleep laying down this afternoon, i figured I'd just post some pics of the day right now. It was probably one of my favorite zoo days ever. So fun. Such great weather. Still a bit crowded, but we saw lots of cute babies and a lot of animals doing stuff and Harvey was pretty enjoyable wanting to watch the animals this time. They had baby lions, a baby orangutan, baby giraffe and a baby monkey inside the reptile house thing. So that was way fun. The orangutan baby was my favorite. Holy moly he was so cute. We saw the gorillas outside too and they were being pretty active. 

Harv went on the merry-go-round and was a little nervous at first but then loved it. He waved and smiled the biggest smiles ever each time they came around. My mom said after a couple times around, he threw his head back and was laughing so hard and yelled out "Fun!!"  I told my mom it's no wonder kids get spoiled. Seeing your kids happy is basically the best thing ever. 
That one is kind of blurry but I just love his happy face and excited wave!
Here he is crawling like a monkey...
Over by the seals we saw one of the grizzly bears swimming in the water. I saw him playing with a stick and splashing about which was cool. Harvey sat and watched the seals and sea lions swim around and around for quite awhile. 
We watched a little demonstration training thing from inside but it was kind of hard to see so we didn't stay long. 
They just recently completed a splash of and park. There were quite a few kids there. Mostly Harvey just wanted to splash in the water so that worked out perfectly. He also like playing captain of the boat. He told me to "sit bum" on the bench so he could drive us somewhere. Then told me when we could get off cause we were there. 
Getting serious about his boat captaining. 
Some other cute ones...
The big metal elephant just by this exhibit sprays water out of it's trunk. Harvey was running around playing by it and then stopped by the trunk as we were about to leave. He started touching the holes where the water comes out and I said "That's gonna spray you!" And literally as I was saying the last word, it sprayed and he was FULL face looking into the trunk from about an inch away. He kind of stopped and stared and then turned and looked at me. I thought he was going to flip but he didn't really do anything. And while we were all dying laughing over it he kind of smiled and giggled. So funny. 
Those cheeks, right??
We are at Corner Cafe after and this moment was just cute. So of course I snapped a pic :) Such a fun day. Love my family! Next zoo trip is with DAD!!!


  1. It really was so fun! Cute cute babies! :)

  2. The zoo is the BEST with littles.....