Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Greta's Blessing

May 22, 2016 was the special day. we were debating between several different ones but with my dad traveling, Greta's dad still being out of town, and other cousin's blessing their babies, this was just the day that worked. My mom and dad and I worked SO hard on the deck and the backyard trying to get it ready for everything. And by working on the deck I mean we took the boards off one by one, rough brush sanded both sides, drilled deeper holes, painted underneath the deck, replaced each board and primed the top and did two coats of paint. Then they got a railing put in. Unfortunately some parts were on backorder and so it wasn't totally done but it looked great (and now that it actually IS totally done, it looks awesome). And the weather actually cooperated. A bit sprinkly in the morning but by the time we got done with sacrament meeting, it was lovely.

I tried my darndest to do a little photo shoot with her before church, mostly to capture the gorgeous blessing gown my mother in law picked out for her.  But the timing ended up being a little chaotic and she was hungry and the lighting was NOT working well and the biggest problem in the mix is that I am very far from being a "photographer". So don't judge these, I'm putting them in anyway for remembrance sake :) My momma supplied the bow and the shoes. She's precious, even if I can't take a photo that does her justice...

Tanner gave her a beautiful blessing. She was sleeping before he went up and he said she was wide eyed during the whole thing and then conked back out after. Perfect. I took some notes and have her actual blessing written down in her baby book.
We had deli sandwiches and fruit and veggies and a couple salads and a great dessert spread. People were so nice to bring so much. And it was just lovely celebrating the day with family. Greta's a pretty good reason to celebrate any day, though.

Harvey being a spaz...
 And here's some pics that actually did turn out good and make me happy. Love my family!

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  1. She is a beauty! She must get it from her momma ;)