Sunday, July 31, 2016

Random 4

I thought I had done this blog awhile ago and I'm horribly behind, but it's time to play catch up. For the 24th of July we went up to Mountain Green and hung out with Preston and Nat and fam. Carson, Nat and Millie came up too. We ate lunch and hung out and then wandered down to a little pond by their house to play. Harvey LOVES everything about that day - Nat's house is super fun, cousins, and water :) He did good in the water until he and Major got stranded for a little bit on the boat. But otherwise he loved the boat rides. Tanner and I were dumb and didn't take our suits so we observed from the sidelines until all the boys participated in a speed contest - one loop around the buoy on the stand up paddle board and one lap with the kayak. Tanner then had to get in. It was pretty entertaining.

That night we went to the Bee's game with Carson and Nat. I didn't take very many pictures. But we sat on the grass and Harvey had fun running around on the grass and playing on the playground they have at the back of the field. He got really anxious when he found out there were fireworks at the end of it, so we left a tiny bit early. But then Tanner had a really good idea to sit in the car and watch them. We had a great view and he loved sitting on dad's lap, "driving" and watching the fireworks. He got pretty excited about them and it was a GREAT show, so I'm really glad he cooperated.
Cousin Millie loves Greta!
We also had a fun park day with my mom. She discovered it in a neighborhood just below us and so we went one day so I could check it out and we could take Harvey's bike. He loved the swinging and biking. And didn't want to get off his bike, even after this happened...


My cousin and his wife recently moved to Texas for a job for him. They had a going away party at her parents INCREDIBLE house up in Park City. It was awesome. It was such a fun night. They had a volleyball net out and we bumped the ball around for a long time which was so good for my heart. I haven't played for a long time and it was so great. And the neighbors had a horse they let all the kids ride. Harvey DID NOT want to do it. But I'm a horrible mom and made him and he loved it. Haha. JK. I don't try to be horrible like that, he's just a nervous nelly about things and I (usually) know he's going to love stuff if he'd just try it. He held my hand and the saddle for most of it and it was so cute.

And one day we squeezed in a quick trip to the mini golf course after a long morning of looking at houses.

I know my timing is all off on these activities, but the documenting purposes have been met and the only one that probably cares that it's not ALL chronological is me, so I'll get over it ;)

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