Sunday, September 25, 2016

West Coast Goodness finale

So after we woke up to a soppy campsite, we decided we should just head out. We had originally thought about heading up to the San Juan Islands this day (Saturday) but realized it was really just too much driving and too much to squeeze in. So we took our time meandering over to my friend Kristen's house, which is in Carnation. We grabbed breakfast at a grocery store in some cool, small seaside town, rode a ferry and wandered around Seattle for a minute. Then we made it to Kristen's. They just recently moved up there and bought a house. Harvey had so much fun with her kids and it was great to see her and Tanner and Dave got along really well.

Breakfast burrito (and donuts) in the van.


VERY windy and Harvey wasn't a fan of that.

They gave him some pizza dough to play with while we waited. Which occupied him for a bit but it was theee slowest place ever. Holy smokes it was ridiculous! Luckily the pizza was really good.
 Discovered her first tooth at the restaurant.

 They were SO cute on this. He was up and pointing and hootin' and hollerin'. It was great.

Saturday we just hung out and made dinner. Sunday morning we went to church with them and the afternoon went to Pike's Market. That was really cool. Beautiful day again and the market was hopping and popping. We bought a bunch of delicious fresh salmon and grilled some up that night on their Traeger and it was absolute perfection. Definitely helped Tanner in his quest to sell me on one.

 Heading downtown...
 5 minutes into the drive :)

 This monkfish was hooked to a string, so the workers behind the fish would pull on it occasionally and scare people. Well, Harvey saw it move and it took a minute to register or something because he had a delayed BREAK down. Like full on FREAKING out, screaming and shaking in terror. It was funny in really sad way. Yikes.

$$$ of fish :)

The next morning we just woke up, cleaned up and headed home. We stopped at a truck stop just outside Boise. Our van looked tiny compared to all the huge trucks. We passed out and got an early start home.

It was SUCH a fun trip. One I didn't think would be a reality for MANY years and I'm so glad Tanner suggested it and we were able to make it happen. There were moments of melt downs in the cars or whininess during certain parts and all the driving, that I caught myself wondering if it was worth it. But I quickly realized we have whiney hard days at home and I'd rather have some fussiness on a cool adventure with my family any day!

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  1. This whole trip looked amazing! What great memories!