Saturday, September 24, 2016

West Coast Goodness part 2

Oh my gosh - this rainforest area was unreal. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more, especially because I wasn't seeing it in pictures anymore! It was incredible. Our campsite was amazing. Every time I looked around I wondered if this was real life! We got there fairly early afternoon and were pleased to have pretty good pick of camp sites which we were worried about because it was first come first serve. We took our time getting situated and exploring and bit and then we went for a hike on the Spruce Trail. It was a pretty flat 1.25 mile hike and incredible. Oh man we took SO many pictures.

 In the visitor center they had a display of all the different types of mushrooms in the area and some of them looked super awesome. We only saw a tiny fraction of the variety.

Had to include this one too just cause it captured that mosquito. Don't worry. I got it off in time - no bites :)

He kept trying to hang on to that bar on the pack, which didn't work so well for hiking and when we made him stop he had a royal meltdown. He's got a little bit of drama to him :)

I LOVE this picture. The changing leaves with the awesome mossy trees was an incredible combo.


That evening Harvey had a blast riding his bike around the camp site and climbing on trees and hanging out. We had baked potatoes and enjoyed a fire. The next morning we did the Trail of Mosses hike which was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. So cool! And so many more pictures :)


Discovered she loves graham crackers!



Harvey loved all the tunnels and tree caves! Had to stop at just about every one!

That afternoon we drove up to Sol Duc which was a short skip up the road a bit. Another incredible place! There was a hike we wanted to check out there but decided to shoot for a morning hike before heading out. So we relaxed, napped, walked, rode bikes and then went to Sol Duc Hot Springs. They have 3 hot mineral pools, each different temperatures that fill naturally, and then they drain each night. And then a large, cold freshwater pool. Harvey had a great time and even though it smelled like rotten eggs, it was gorgeous, fun, relaxing and delightful! It started sprinkling that night but held off for us to get dinner in, kids to bed, and enjoy a fire. But it POURED that night and in the morning so we were bummed we didn't get to do the hike. We did purchase some nice rain gear for the trip, which Tanner says is what ensured us such great weather for most of it, but it was just a little too pouring to enjoy a hike with two littles. Next time for sure!

Only one more part to enjoy!

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