Friday, September 30, 2016

Greta is 7 months!

(Greta is actually almost 8 months and I'm just getting this post done. Eek). Regardless...we've got some cute pictures from this month and a few milestones. She got her first and second tooth this month! (pictured in Washington vacay part 3). She still loves food and this has opened some doors for her :) She can bite stuff off and is getting pretty good at it and also good at gnawing on food with her gums. Still sometimes likes to swallow a little sooner than she should but haven't had any choking problems. Here she is loving some fruit leather. She loved it, but unfortunately I haven't given her any more since. Super messy!

 She laughs a lot more but doesn't really get going like with a big giggle like Harvey used to. If she's happy she does some high pitched inhaling through her mouth. I can't really explain it that good. It's plenty funny and cute and we'll take it! Any time we have hiked in the last month or been outside in the bjorn, she kicks out her legs and makes that sound over and over and over. She REALLY loves to be outside. I love that.

She loves other kids! This was at my friend Brooke's house with her two boys, Garrett and Alec.
We went to the Salt Lake City library and she liked playing with the toys. I left her alone with them for 2 seconds to grab the stroller and she tipped backwards and didn't love that. Oops.

 More fun food time. She really loves food and I am still yet to find something she doesn't like.


A beautiful dress my Aunt Shirley got for her and I was just trying to snap a couple of pics to show her Greta in the dress, and they are just cute and sweet so we'll hang on to them.
She LOVES brother!
She is still not the best sleeper. I don't think our Washington trip did us any favors in that department. She gets so ticked sometimes and arches her back and SCREAMS. Usually if she gets her binky back she calms down and will go back to sleep, but sometimes it takes a few of these cycles. Ugh. Stinker.
At our new house inspection.  Sicky face
Taner captured this. He noticed it and then ran and grabbed his camera to take the picture and then just left the snot/bubble hanging there. Haha. My mom came to the rescue. But so glad we captured this gem.
Here's more food pictures. I took tons of Harvey too. She just looks cute eating and maybe that's when they are happiest :) and so it just affords a lot of great photo ops. Ha. This first one is at Whole Foods and she was pounding some of my Indian food. Made my heart so happy! I hope she stays this way and doesn't decide she's picky someday. Probably will. Oh well, for now it's cool!

She still has that great straight mouth smile and an adorable nose scrunch that usually accompanies it. I love this little face. She is a happy, adorable thing and we all can't get enough of her (well, except at night soemtimes and then I definitely can!) She's totally worth it though. No question about that!

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