Thursday, April 20, 2017


We had a fun Easter weekend with both of our families. And consistent with me - there was a lot of last minute activities and decisions, etc. We finally got around to doing Easter Eggs with my parents a couple of days before Easter. Harvey had been bugging us about it for weeks and I was at least prepared with the eggs boiled and the dye bought. Tanner made DELICIOUS ribs for dinner and then we got right to the eggs.

 Nothing fancy but we got some pretty cool ones and Harv had a blast and luckily Greta was asleep so it all worked out perfectly!
I had gotten some sugar cookie dough from the Young Women in our ward and so we whipped up some Easter egg cookies too that night. Gotta jam pack it all in...

Mostly I just decorated them because Harvey lost interest after about 1. My parents left and Tanner never had interest :) It was fun. I have pretty good skills, huh!? Haha. Not at all but still fun and delicious.

Saturday Tanner had a golf tournament and we were going to do the Stoddard Easter Egg Hunt but it just didn't work out for too many people. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to take him to a community park hunt - seemed like too much chaos and opportunity for crying. So we went to my parents and did a little private egg hunt which was soooo fun! Harvey is just SO incredibly fun right now. Everything is AWESOME and SUPER FUN. He got so excited. And just randomly while walking from the front yard to the back, he exclaimed "this is WAY fun!". Makes all the efforts worth it for sure!
Greta was way cute too and was quite good at spotting the eggs!

The most looking at me/smiling best picture I could get.
And then chowing on the spoils! 

That evening we had the party at Mimi and Papa's. Delicious dinner. Pretty physical scavenger egg hunt, and then a free for all find 7 eggs (all with different amounts of money). Harv and Greta did great. And Harvey even found the golden egg, ALL BY HIMSELF! Score! $20! So much fun with all the cousins! Harvey LOVES them. And then the traditional new swimsuits! So cute.

Then Sunday morning we hid Easter baskets for the kids. Harv found Greta's basket pretty quick but it took a little longer (and some help) to find his (hall closet). Nothing super exciting but they were way cute and fun!

That night we had Grandma Elaine's Easter party and I don't usually take pictures but Harvey and Libby were playing SO cute and so much that day, that I did snap this little gem.
SEE!? So much jammed into a little Easter weekend. But the weather was lovely and it was so much fun. Which I think I've said a few times along the way. Haha. But it was. Love spending time with the little family and our big families!

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  1. Your kiddos are so super cute!!!! And yes, those cookies look amazing ;) Well done! :) Loved catching up on your family! And I totally agree... such a fun age!