Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stoddard Easter Egg Hunt

I don't know how many of these I've blogged about now but it is that time again :) We actually did it a couple weeks after Easter weekend because that weekend ended up being kind of busy for everyone. There was talk of maybe doing the hunt sometime in the Summer when the weather is a little warmer and we have more options of remote areas to go :) It was as fun as ever. It was great seeing Harvey and Greta both get into finding the eggs. And we just went to some cool outside spots - which seeing what crazy/new locations my dad comes up with is half the fun! (also I know some of the pictures didn't get all loaded in order...I'm behind on blogging and not caring to fix it :) )
Yummy pre-game breakfast spread
As per usual - we started out at home and each found our colored egg which had puzzle pieces to the next spot - in GPS form. Then we drive to that location and we all search for one large egg. Once that in is found, inside is a paper that tells each family/couple/individual instructions to our individual eggs (finding that spot involves any combo of the following - 50 meter tape measure, range finders, compasses and the GPS). So fun. Harvey was especially excited that his "eggs" were blue cars!

Good teamwork!

Man I love her.
And him!

All the grandkids got these awesome sand toy buckets and the adults got a picnic blanket that is so amazing and an insulated picnic bag thing, both of which have been THEE best at Cherry Hill and I'm sure will get lots more usage!

My parents put so much work into this and it is much appreciated. It is such a fun adventure! Looking forward to lots more!

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