Monday, July 31, 2017

Balsam campground

It was the token camping trip of the summer. And it was fun enough to count for the whole summer, but still sad we only got one trip in. It was kind of a crazy summer with being so pregnant, working a lot, and having a baby in I really should be happy even one trip happened. My dad found this campground that was new to all of us. It was up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville. It was really pretty and right by a little river. We had the furthest camp site and so it felt really quiet and secluded. Just had to walk a bit to cars and bathroom and water. And it wasn't super high up as far as elevation and so the evenings in the van were still pretty toasty. Tanner couldn't get off work for two weekends in a row (he had previously gone to Oregon to a Porsche show the weekend before with Dad and brother) so it was me and the two munchkins. My mom and Dad and Kathryn were there Wednesday night. We got there Thursday morning, then Laura and Dallin, and then Heather and Shane that night. We stayed till Saturday. The kids had a blast. I love that. I hope they always love mountains and camping!
He was getting pretty daring on his bike and we were right by a small hiking trail that had the perfect amount of technical for his little learning body. Good gradual downhill and one little bump and he got pretty comfortable on it all! Plus he was pretty much just cruising around the campgrounds the whole time too.

Haha! I just noticed the great face Greta is making
Harvey and I explored a little trail by ourselves, and he hiked all by himself for a little bit and then decided he was done. We all did the whole 1 mile plus of it the next day, I believe.

The intense hike...haha. Super short. But we took a wrong turn and ended up bushwacking for awhile until we went back and tried the other way and found the spring like 25 yards further.  Oops. Made for a fun adventure.

Greta, Greta, Greta. This girl loves the water and doesn't think twice about walking/jumping straight into rivers or lakes or pools and if you give an inch she'll certainly take a mile!! That's what happened here. And then Logan joined in and it was a big ol' river party!

Harvey's a little more hesitant, but eventually decided it was fun!

There wasn't much else significant or specific that happened, just good family mountain fun.  Games, naps, fires, s'mores, etc etc. So here's some of that...

Oops, these couple were before the river inch was given...somehow all these loaded out of order. Too much work to change that now.

Harv made some friends...

Walking with Shane and telling him not to be scared of the dark.


Plenty of pictures, randomly thrown in here, but the bottom line is camping is awesome. We love the mountains. And we had a great time! Here's hoping that next year we can squeeze in a few more!

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