Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nieder #3

Seeing that I'm due in about 6.5 week, I figure I should post a little blurb about this third child that is about to come into our lives. Ever since Greta was born, I had thought, pretty much on a daily basis, about if we were going to have another baby or if we should and if so, when. It was a constant pressure and stress on my mind, sometimes more in the back of it and sometimes pretty prominent. Tanner and I talked about it periodically, and both of us went back and forth. I was almost starting to think maybe two was good for our lifestyle - of me working full time and us just being a titch older (I know that doesn't have to stop people, cause people have kids a lot older than us, but it was a real thing for us). Every time I legit prayed about it though, there was always ZERO doubt in my mind that we were supposed to have another. I just kept feeling excuses about why it would be easier not to.
Anyway, Christmas Eve, Laura invited me to a HIGH fitness class and I LOVED it. We had so much fun and I felt really motivated to start exercising again - I hadn't been doing very good with two little kids and a full time job and whatever other excuses you can think of. So yeah, that was awesome. But on the way home I thought about how I was a few days late on my recently normalized period. So I went home and got kids and we went to Smith's a little later. I honestly thought there was NO way I could be. I didn't feel anything different but just wanted to confirm I wasn't. Tanner was out buying a Traeger and I thought, IF I happen to be, I could have some time to run and buy something to break the news to him. Anyway, I bought a test, took two kids into the stall with me and peed on it and it almost immediately went positive. I don't think I've ever been closer to a real live anxiety attack. Haha. I was FREAKING out. It was such a shock.
So I then ran to the mall with the kids and scrambled to think of something cool I could give him for Christmas to open. With each kid I've had great intentions and ideas for telling but usually they aren't as cool. And the mall did not deliver. I should have gone to Target but he was home and I had no diaper bag and so we just left. I was trying to hard to think of how I could tell him and wanted it to be something on Christmas but there was no options for going back to the store and I KNEW I couldn't wait till Monday. Anyway, long story short, we did gingerbread houses that evening and I made this...
I thought it was pretty obvious but when I showed him he barely looked. So several hours went buy and I was still panicking. Eventually and awkwardly, I asked him to look at it again and tell me what his favorite part was. He said the red door and I don't know if I said something else or if he did actually notice and asked what that was and if I was pregnant. I awkwardly again said I didn't know (I still wasn't convinced). But anyway - I eventually told him the story of the morning etc and he didn't have a lot to say. Haha. It really took us a few months to warm up to the idea. I am so so so excited now and even though I'm terrified to have 3 little kids (people do it all the time but I'm not a super mom and I struggled with the transition to I am still pretty panicked about how I will survive).
So, another side story that is cool...I had been talking to my sister a lot about pregnancy - how she was trying a lot and totally ready for another and how we were still unsure but didn't think we were ready. So when I had the positive test I wanted to call her immediately and have her help me figure out how to tell Tanner (I did but she didn't answer), and then I didn't want to tell her at all because I was gonna feel so bad that we hadn't tried and weren't quite ready and were, and they were and had been trying and weren't. Monday after Christmas we were talking on the phone and she told me how her sis and bro in law were expecting and we talked about other things. I asked her if she was yet and she said no. And then randomly later, I decided to just tell her. As soon as I did she freaked out and said she had a positive test that morning! Hahaha. Little liar. Sooo cool and it was so fun to have our little secret together for a few weeks until we told our families. My parent's had just got home from Hawaii and so we had them over for dinner with some other family and told them the kids had made them a welcome home card. The first page was a pic of Laura and Dallin with Logan holding their ultrasound (which I don't have a pic of apparently??) and so there was a bunch of excitement surrounding that, and then my mom kept thumbing through the card and there was this...
We had a LOT of fun taking all of these. Haha. And then there was more commotion and excitement. And we are both having girls! I'm due August 28 and she is Sept 3.

Morning sickness was definitely the worse with this one. I actually lost weight instead of gaining a bunch in the first trimester cause I literally could not make myself eat. The rest of pregnancy has gone pretty easy and smooth, for what it is. Haha - nothing about pregnancy is easy or smooth. But really, I can't complain. It's been hard working full time and chasing around 2 little kids so I feel exhausted all the time. But it's been just fine.
Anyway, Tanner said I should see Dr. Bitner...a family friend...for my OB. So we did.

Tanner came to our first appointment where they did the first quick little ultrasound. I'm not sure I even have a picture of that. Oh - I do...just found it but it's not on my computer. Maybe some day I'll remedy that.
We decided to tell Tanner's parents one day around Valentine's Day. I somehow messed up the order on some M&M's and meant to change it to just pink and white but ended up with pink white and blue. But they were still cute and Berrie figured it out pretty quick and it was really fun. Clare was just excited about chocolate and didn't really even notice the words :)

This round has been different because I don't have constant and easy access to ultrasounds! We had to wait ALL the way to our regularly scheduled anatomy ultrasound to find out the sex. Which was painful at first but then waiting so long (it felt like forever), we both finally felt like we wouldn't care if we didn't find out, but we had already decided we were and we didn't change our minds.

It is still so amazing what you can see with ultrasound. She wasn't in a good position or cooperating very well so we didn't get any great 3D images. I think these videos are cool though.
We had our ultrasound appointment and Clare and Berrie watched the kids. So on the way home we picked up something to announce to them. We had to go to the golf store for Tanner and ended up just getting a bunch of pink golf balls and putting them in a sack. Mason and Carrie were there too so it was gonna be fun to share with everyone. I wanted to get some pictures and Greta looked cute but her headband was downstairs. So while I  was downstairs grabbing that and then was gonna have them sit on the couch and me video Harvey dumping them out. It was going to be awesome. Well, when I came back up, Harvey was looking in the bag and Tanner was not paying attention and I was so mad. He yelled out to everyone as I was walking back in the living room that there were PINK BALLS IN THERE! Oh my gosh. Well, I threw them on the couch anyway and tried to make them reenact it but I just took pictures. Not the same and they weren't super cooperative but the point got across and then we sent the rest of our fams the pics. Harvey was NOT excited when we explained why the balls were pink and that it meant that the baby was a girl. NO IT'S A BOY! He really wanted a boy and frankly I kind of was hoping for a boy too (and partly that was because he wanted a boy), so he was pretty upset for a bit. For a few days he still said it was a boy but he has since come around and doesn't show any signs of sadness about having another little sis :)

I LOVE this picture!
Along the way the doc wanted me to see a perinatologist - which happened a couple of weeks ago. Just for his specialist opinion and another ultrasound to make sure baby didn't have signs of anemia. I have an antibody which is SUPER rare to cause any problems in pregnancy but I guess there's a TINY chance, and so he wanted me to be seen. Didn't have any issues with Greta and Harvey and I didn't really want to make the appointment but I did. They did the ultrasound and everything looks perfect and he's not worried about anything, so that was a fun $400 day or something. Oh well, it is nice to know everything looks good. They didn't do any fun pics and they didn't print any off, but I took some pics with my camera...

Peace sign, more hand and a little face hiding behind a cloud of placenta :) Precious.
I think that's about all. I have been doing terrible at taking pictures, not because I forget but because I don't want any. Haha. I might take one legit profile one here soon but haven't really been documenting. There's been plenty of other prego pics of me thus far and that's enough :) Tanner and I talked the other night about how we are really excited to meet this little one. Sometimes in the ultrasound pics, I know this sounds crazy, but it looks like she might look like Greta. I am so excited to see what she looks like and just watch what kind of personality she will develop. I worry about how she will fit in and change the dynamic of our family - just like I did with Greta. I know we won't understand how we survived without her but there's a lot of things to not worry about that I do. Haha. I hope her and Greta are great friends and love each other and don't compete or compare. I'm nervous about not sleeping. Actually excited about breastfeeding again but not pumping. I can't wait for all the milestones and just to have another little person and spirit in our home. It still seems so far away but these weeks are going by so fast and I know she will be here before we know it! Guess we better FINALIZE a name - Tanner thinks he knows what it is (and the deal was if I got to name Greta and we had a third kid, he could name it), but I haven't fully accepted it yet. We shall see... :)


  1. I heard this before my #3 and it held true for me: kid number three is easy. Laid-back and calm. Hopefully it is true for you as well! I was due August 29th last year!

  2. I never heard what Emily heard, but my number three was easy too! Can't wait for you!!