Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bring on the baby

While we were in Utah we got a crib and a dresser. And all the other amazing things from our showers. We had a slew of things scattered about our house for a little bit which was not my favorite. So in between Minot and our ward Christmas party Tanner and I made quite the team effort of moving baby stuff out of one room, moving all our storage stuff into that now empty room, and then putting baby stuff into the once storage room. Make sense? We just made the baby room be the bigger of the two rooms. Don't think too hard about it. And then he got the crib all put together. 
Then we pulled tags off clothes and washed them and the next day I folded them and put them in their drawers and he put other baby paraphernalia together. I must admit it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. Or at least my parent-prepping life. That crib we put together? Ya, a baby will be sleeping there. And all those clothes we folded up and put away? Not just fun, cute presents, but clothes that will go on a living, breathing thing that was made by us and will depend on us for its very survival. Super trippy!  But also so incredibly exciting we both can hardly stand it. 
We also tag teamed it this last weekend getting it painted. 
I love the color. It is a very happy room and I like to just go in there sometimes and smile :) It needs some things on the walls but we haven't found the right stuff yet. Eventually. But really, it's just add baby at this point. Only 8 weeks left!


  1. I love the baby's room! Good job!

  2. You are ADORABLE……really, so so cute. I love your little baby bump……and I can't wait for my newest nephew to come either!!!!! Darling nursery.