Monday, December 2, 2013


This is probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions ever. My mom's mom did it with their family and we've done it in ours as long as I can remember. Our advent has always gone like this...old coke crate filled with little Christmas trinkets, all wrapped up ready for the first day of December. Each day we'd open one and inside would be little pieces of candy for each of us and then a strip of paper saying the days holiday activity. All my siblings would take turns opening the presents and it was just awesome. 
I have been looking for a coke crate online and in antique stores for quite some time. I finally found a perfect one last year but never did get all the things to go in it. We didn't really decorate last year at all anyway cause we were gonna be out of town for half the month. 
Well this year while home I made SURE that I got everything to get it set up.  I am SOOO excited about how it turned out. Makes me feel closer to my mama!
Preparing everything. I made quite a mess and only two of the items I bought didn't fit in the holes. Good thing I had a couple extra!
A sneak peak of all the items. 
All wrapped up and perfect. Did I mention how ridiculously happy this makes me? I think I need a bow for the top still though. I didn't put candy in them or activity slips either but it will come. Harvey is gonna love this thing! Has to. 
I guess our activity for Dec 1 could be putting up our Christmas tree. I borrowed a 2 footer from a friend at work and we loaded it up with all our Steinbach ornaments. That's a fun favorite Niederhauser tradition of mine. We all get to pick new ornaments every year from Mimi and Papa. Tanner has been getting them since he was a baby. We are getting a nice collection but still only enough for about a two foot tree :)
Precious little thing isn't it? Perfect for trailer living :) Happy December!!


  1. I love that coke crate advent! Who knew a coke crate had 24 spots? How perfect! We are doing an advent for the first time this year and I'm loving it so far!

  2. Oh my gosh, Carissa, I absolutely adore your advent!!! Such a great tradition! I may have to steal it for my kids next year... :)

  3. What a cute idea! I for one really enjoyed your daily posts, and I'm glad you're back in ND....I don't see you much, but just knowing you're here in case I have a bloody emergency makes me feel good. =)

  4. Oh my GOSH….I am in LOVE with that idea for an advent calendar, gotta be the Coke crate speaking to me…..ha ha….but really, where can I get one??? LOVE LOVE your finished product, so awesome.