Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas partying

We've had a fun week of Christmas festivities. Two weekends ago it was Tanner's work party. We drove to Minot after he got off work, checked into the hotel, compliments of Mother E (this is Tanner chilling in our sweet suite),
and watched some Ridiculousness till party time. Last year was Las Vegas themed and we had a ventriloquist for the entertainment. This year was a surprise till day of. It ended up being game show themed. I didn't take many pics. Like zero basically. But we socialized and ate dinner and then they had some family feud and some other game like fun. It was a good time. Tanner got his name drawn to win a prize and he "punched with his heart" and won this
It was probably one of the best gifts they had. We were talking before dinner about how we both never win anything. And then he did! And we love going to Minot so it's basically an almost free vacation. We spent a good few hrs chatting with Tanner's friends from Williston Enbridge after everyone else had left. They are fun and funny and it was a really good time. 
We slept way in (taking advantage of the limited opportunities we have left for that) and then did some finishing touches on the baby shopping at Target. Lovely weekend. Then we had our ward Christmas party Saturday night. 
They put a lot of work into this. Great decorations, the food was delicious, great dessert and hot chocolate bar. We sang carols, watched a little video and then Santa came and made a lot of kids happy. That's about the time we left :) 
Last Friday we had a white elephant Christmas party at our friends the Andelin's. Tons of more delicious food. Yikes. Our fav was probably the homemade donut holes. 

The gift exchange was quite entertaining. Condoms and depends to the most sensitive one there ;)
Some of the other goodness:
We took some boomtown babe gift cards, a sweet ND roughneck shirt and the movie Flight of the Navigator. I was disappointed only one other person knew it. I loved that movie growing up!
This is what T and I ended up with. Stamps (the most practical gift there - perfect for me!) and a cozee I stole for Tanner from Ryan. Don't think he was too happy about it. I despise this picture but maybe it will make me happy someday because hopefully I won't look like this in some months. 
The next morning I went to a ME day activity. Can't remember if I've blogged about those. It's make and eat. So we usually do one once a month with some ladies in the ward. I've only made it to a couple because of work and such but they are fun. Cookie decorating and cookie exchange this time. Delicious. 
Love these ladies! I feel so grateful to have met so many great people up here! I'm pretty sure that sums up the partying recently. It's been a fun December. Can't believe it's already half over!


  1. You have been busy, you party gal! So glad you could make it to the Cookie swap! :)

  2. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! Yay for a mini vacay………AND……those cookies look delis!!!