Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Tanner's brother Carson has been getting a lot more serious with golf. He played in a tournament in Phoenix a couple months ago and wanted Tanner to caddy for him but it didn't work out for Tanner to go down there. The second tournament he signed up for ended up being perfect for Tanner to go. Tanner flew out of Minot on Friday night, the 20th of March. It was a great week to go because it lined up perfectly with Spring Training. They stayed with a cousin of theirs a few nights and then a cousin of mine (that I really don't even know) for one night (and then back to other cousin because my cousin doesn't run a clean ship apparently). These are pics of his cousins house. Super cool I think! It was tiny so they had to sleep in the garage that was converted into a spare bedroom. 

Carson using the ceiling outlet to charge his phone. 
They had a visitor. Tanner wasn't to thrilled about that. He's not a big fan of reptiles. Needless to say he didn't sleep awesome that night. 
Anyway, I bugged Tanner a lot about taking pictures while he was down there so I could blog about it later. He did pretty good ;) I don't exactly remember everything they did or what days. Pretty sure Saturday they went to a baseball game. 
Classic ;)

Sunday they played the course the tourney was going to be at. 
The tournament was Monday-Wednesday. They had a good time. His tee times were always pretty early. I think once it was a frigid 68 degrees. Well at least this guy in the background thought it was frigid. Ready for the Iditarod. 

Because his times were so early they got done pretty early and got to go to a few afternoon/evening ball games. They caught 4 balls over the course of their game viewing. 

They scored some free player towels too. 
The last day they were there they got to go on a tour of the PING factory. Tanner said it was incredible. It's where they manufacture all PING products. They got to watch them making different clubs and learn how the make them specific to what someone orders. It's apparently huge with different buildings for different types of clubs, apparel, golf bags etc. He loved it. And he even brought Harvey back a little somethin' somethin'. 
He loves it. It turned out to be a perfect trip for Tanner. No work. Golf. Baseball. Sunshine. Brother. Doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. All good things! And that is just the cutest little club for Harv! I love that he loves golf too! So precious :)