Thursday, November 19, 2015


I can tell holidays are going to get continually more fun as kids get a little bigger. The week before Halloween we went and carved pumpkins with our friends the Mabeus'. Unfortunately Tanner didn't make it back in time from a fun hunting trip so Harv and I went solo. We had a delicious soup and pumpkin roll dinner and then decorated pumpkins. Harvey actually got pretty into it and I had so much fun with him for as long as he stayed interested (much longer than I expected, actually).
The finished products:
He loved seeing the pumpkins for the next week or so. He'd point to the one that was his, mama's and dada's. And he has a word for pumpkin that almost sounds like it. More just like "pum". That's kind of how his words are these days. Either just the first or last syllables. 

Tanner picked and created Harvey's costume. It turned out so good. I think and Tanner was quite excited about it. Almost finished...
When the day came to finally get to wear it, Harv woke up MUCH sicker than he had been the previous few days. Lots of breathing trouble again. So I spent the morning trying to round up a nebulizer and meds etc for him so we could stay out of the ER. He ended up getting a bunch of treatments that day but seemed to be better enough to go to our ward's trunk or treat. He was not a fan of the hair spray and was kind of grumpy after his nap, but gosh dang it, kid, it's Halloween and you're gonna like (and enjoy) it :)
So cute. He didn't really walk around much with the walker and only wanted it if other kids tried to check it out. Hat and glasses stayed on slightly more than would be expected for a 20 month old. It was a hit. And despite his grumpiness I think he had fun.
That's my friend Lyn and her little guy Ammon. Great costumes there too.
I think our ward did a great job too on the whole event. And Harvey actually got the hang of trick (trunk) or treating and thought it was pretty cool. He'd go up and hold out his hand and he'd be the one to put the candy in his pumpkin. And he even, almost, said a few "thank-you's".  Good times all around!