Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bambino #2

That's a beautiful sight when you want a baby!! And it was definitely that this time around. I figured now that we are well past halfway with this little one, I probably should document some of it. Poor second baby syndrome ;) 
We had been trying for a few months again...6 or 7. We discovered the secret formula for us. Major League Baseball and a planned trip to Red Lodge. Or maybe it was just the baseball? With Harvey, we had just gotten back from a Minneapolis trip and seeing the Twins and then went to Red Lodge over 4th of July. We had a trip in June to Wisconsin and hit a Brewers game. We had another 4th of July trip planned to Red lodge too. I wasn't feeling pregnant at all but the day after I was supposed to start the ol' period, I hadn't yet, and knew I had one test leftover. I told myself I knew it would be negative but I'd just try it anyway so I'd stop thinking about it for the next month. Welp. I was wrong. It was positive. Tanner had just left for work and Harvey was in his high chair eating breakfast. I started freaking out. In the happiest of happy dances possible and Harv looked at me with some serious confusion as I danced and jumped around the kitchen. 

It was June 29, the day before our anniversary. I had been contemplating ways to tell Tanner for months. I had a good one for our date night but then I didn't think I could wait over 24 hrs to tell him so Harv and I ran to Walmart and picked up a few newborn items before I had to work. I kept my mouth shut till that night. And anyone that knows me knows that that was a SERIOUS feat. I told him I had an early anniversary present for him. When he pulled the stuff out he got a really cute grin on his face and asked if I was pregnant. YEP!!!

There was talk of waiting until Christmas to tell people (6 months!?!? - an impossible task for me), or at least till we found out the sex. I couldn't. I caved when my parents came to visit in July and then we told his family. 

The first view we got of the little peanut was by my PA student at the time, using a portable machine we had in the ER   She had never touched an ultrasound machine so...
Not the best pic but it was nice to see something where it was supposed to be. That was Aug 4.

I felt more sick with this one than with Harvey. Still never puked but felt more tired and much more blah and eating actually seemed to make things a little better. I started feeling better earlier with this one though. Like 10-11 instead of like 13-14 with Harv. Thus far I have been feeling pretty good. I exercise much less because it has just been harder with job AND a kid. Excuses, excuses. The one good thing about not exercising as much is my pelvic pain that I had with Harvey that was AWFUL is very minimal this time. 

My first OB appointment ended up not being until I was just past 13 weeks. The second appointment was our anatomy US. We had actually had a few before that from friends from work. I was extremely impatient to find out what it was (makes me laugh to think I used to think I'd want it to be a surprise!). Tanner came for two of them. I was practically 100% sure in my mind it was a boy for some reason. I really wanted a boy and honestly could not picture myself having a girl. Tanner thought and wanted a girl. So when the first one was about 60-40 girl, I was in shock. Couldn't believe it. And could not wait to be able to go in soon again to try again. We had tried just a few days too early. She was super uncooperative for the next one too but the ultrasonographer was 95% sure it was all girl. Not as much of a shock then but still crazy to me! Tanner couldn't wipe the smile off his face all day! 

This is the best female showing we got. 
I just realized I didn't take pics from our first official ultrasound. They printed off a few but I never took them with my phone. The doctor did want us to see a dumb perinatologist for another ultrasound a month later because she was concerned about something with heart. I was only like 3% worried and figured it was overkill (they made me get another one with Harvey too, but just by the same ultrasonographer). But as it got closer I did start to stress a titch more. But it was all unwarranted. She and her heart were all perfect. So much gratitude for that. Man. Overwhelming really. She was a WIGGLE worm and wouldn't show her face much. They commented on her long legs and 90th percentile huge head. Haha. She's measuring a week ahead so I'm predicting a baby bigger than Harvey! 
These were from that second one...
And I took this picture today (while at work). I think it's really the only belly shot I have this whole pregnancy. Oops. I'm just not a huge fan of seeing myself get fatter and grosser. I guess it's good for documentation purposes?? I already feel huge and have difficulties bending over. And 15 more weeks is a lot of time for a lot of growing. Yikes!

Regardless, we are getting super excited for our little GIRL to join our family somewhere around March 7, 2016!!! (Names are still being 'debated' :) )


  1. I love this post. I had no idea you had trouble keeping secrets! ; ) And it almost made me cry to imagine you doing your happy dance! So excited for you and this new baby girl.