Monday, March 7, 2016

Greta's Debut (and first week of life)

Man, this is a great birth story, I think. I loved living it and I'm excited about documenting it! My due date was March 7th (today actually). We were both hoping she'd come a little early just because I finished up work and they thought she was going to be huge and we wanting a little more time with her before getting serious about moving and also everyone wants to be done with pregnancy at the end! I was definitely ready for that too. Tanner had been wanting a leap year baby as long as we realized the due date was close enough for it to be realistic. I was predicting March 6th. Well Sunday night (the 28th), we were discussing how we REALLY did want her to come on the 29th, more because of the time factor. My parents were coming up that Friday and then we'd have one week to get packing and we realized that it would be quite nice to have a few extra days just with her before things got crazy. And it would be nice for me to have a little head start on healing before moving and driving to Utah.

The Thursday before that I had a doctors appointment and was dilated to a 3 and was 50% effaced. So things were happening. I had been having a minimal amount of painful contractions during the nights that weekend but Sunday night I had like 4-5 and was really hoping something was going to come of it.  When Monday morning came, contractions departed. I told Tanner I would go to the gym and walk my heart out and do whatever I could to make it happen. Well, after a 30 minute, brisk walk, I was super sore and not feeling contractions other than the typical braxton hicks. I texted Tanner and said I was sorry, but I just didn't think she was going to come that day. He kind of jokingly texted back that he was bummed and then said I should call Dr. Tong and make this happen! I decided to just shoot her a text and I asked if it was too late to be induced today, haha. She replied asking if I was serious or joking. I said I think serious. Well, I didn't hear right back from her so Tanner and were discussing if we really might want to. I really hadn't wanted to be induced - just wanted things to start when they started and not mess with all that. But then thought it would be way nicer to have her sooner than later. Anyway - in the midst of all that I get a text back from her saying "yeah that is fine". (also in the midst of all this Harvey was playing at the park and running around and started climbing into swim lockers...)
 Literally right after I saw her text I get a phone call and it's the clinic saying that the doc faxed over orders and we could come over whenever we wanted, but the sooner the better. Holy CRAP! I started freaking out because I really hadn't had time to digest or ponder or even really think about if this is what we should do or whatever. It all was just kinda hypothetical, hmm, maybe, hmm in my mind. Well I called Tanner right after that and told him what they said and asked if we were really gonna do it and he said let's do it! So he left work right then and I got Harvey from the lockers and we rushed home. Driving home I called Christine and asked if it would be okay if we just dropped Harvey off right then and who knows for how long. She said yes. Tanner and I got home at the same time. We threw a bag together for Harv, finished getting my bag together, ate some lunch, he gave me a a blessing, and we left to drop Harv off.

So, just because I think the timeline is significant here, my initial text to Dr. Tong was at 11:11. The hospital called me at 11:36. Tanner took this picture of me while we were checking into the hospital at 12:36. It's super cute.

We were checked in and gowned up soon after. They got my IV sin and pitocin running by 1:30.
You'd think he'd look happier - he was kicking my butt.
Dr. Tong came in right around 2:30 to break my water. She said we would probably have a baby between 7-8pm. WHAT?! I thought we were there for the long haul. 7-8 was no time!! Apparently I had A LOT of "water", though. That was an interesting thing and we'll leave it at that. I was having more contractions as the pitocin was kicking in but it wasn't too painful. I felt like I was handling that kind of discomfort way better than I did with Harvey. But I was pretty sure I was going to want an epidural - no amniotic fluid and a bunch of pitocin was a good combo for wanting to not feel things. So they let the nurse anesthetist know and he showed up around 3:30. Epidural was in before 4. The few contractions I had before he got the medicine in were getting pretty intense (I had just gone to the bathroom and basically lost a LOT more fluid) so I was actually really happy that we decided to just get it until waiting until I really needed it. It worked about the same as with Harvey - good one my right side but not so much my left. But it was doing it's job - I wasn't having any pain with the contractions, I could just tell they were happening. And I was actually really happy about that.

Card games had to stop after that. Then we just kind of hung out. We were texting family and chatting and the nurse came in and out a bunch of times. She was awesome. My whole mental state was SO much better than with Harvey. It was relaxed and exciting and happy. There was so much stress and disappointment during my labor with Harvey. She only checked me a couple of times and kept upping the pit dose cause G was handling that totally fine. I think as it was getting closer to 6 she said I was close to an 8 and said she was going to call the doc. She came back saying we were going to try and have a baby by shift change - which was 7pm. I seriously was just in shock. I was SO not expecting stuff to go that fast! Around that same time though I started having some serious pressure and pain down lower in my pelvis with each contraction. Like I was needing to hold on tight to the bed rails and really breathe through it pain. Right around 6 I believe I told her I was feeling like I was going to poop my pants with each contraction. She said well I better check you again. When she did she said I was complete! They got everything ready and the doc showed up, Tanner got to the head of the bed and soon they were talking about taking a deep breath with a contraction and pushing hard for 10 seconds. A contraction came right after that and I pushed for 10, took a quick breath and they didn't really tell me to stop I don't think so I kept pushing with that contraction and then I hear them say "look down, look down!" - we looked down and she was out. One push. 6:18pm. Oh. My. Gosh. That moment, I decided, right as you see the child you've been carrying come out and hear the cry and have them set said child on you - is the absolute most amazing, beautiful, perfect moment that life offers. It was so surreal. She was finally here. And she was PERFECT. It was less than 6 hours total from time of decision to get induced to baby. Less than 5 from pitocin to baby. It all could not have been more perfect and I'm still in shock about how blessed we were with all of that.

Happy and proud daddy!!

She latched on so perfectly. We had about an hour of just family time, then they took her and weighed her (7lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches long). Same length as Harvey. Not the 10lb baby they were predicting. Quite alright with that! Tanner then left to get Harvey so he could go to sleep in his own bed. I was on my own for the night. Hospitals are not my favorite place to stay. I would have gone home then if they'd let me. Horrible sleep and so many interruptions. But we made it through. 


The next morning Tanner brought Harvey in. As soon as they walked in he saw her laying in the bassinet and the first thing he did was point at her, smile and say "please". Oh my gosh so cute. Then he checked her out in the bassinet.
 Then he got to hold her. So dang precious!

They hung out for awhile, we ate lunch there and tried to keep Harvey happy in a small hospital room (without him doing too much damage and not hitting the nurse call button more than 20 times). Tanner took him  home to nap. We asked if there was anyway that we could leave earlier than the 24 hours they want you to stay. We were getting interviewed at 3pm by the Williston Herald because she was the one and only leap year baby in Williston. So Tanner wanted to come back for that but  knew Harvey wouldn't last a few more hours there and didn't want to go and come back. And I was ready to go anyway. So they said that was fine and we'd just have to bring her back the next day for the 2 tests they wait 24 hours to do. No biggie. So we got her dressed up and had our interview. Harvey wouldn't cooperate and she was actually being kind of a pill, but she did get her picture on the front page of the Williston Herald!

We thought that was pretty cool! Hope she thinks it's cool! We still haven't decided if we are going to celebrate Feb 28th or March 1st. I like March 1st, with the reasoning that it's the day after the 28th,  cause then she gets her own birth month. But she technically was born in February so I don't know if we should use the reasoning the last day of February. Tough call. 

Anyway, we made it home and it was great. Harvey and I both got sick with colds and then a day or two later Greta caught it :( Makes for some gross sneezes! Harvey was kind of a terrible two year old the first couple of days but it could have been just because he's two and was sick. He's been SO awesome with her. Wants to hold her, asks where she is, yells "mom! num num!" when she cries, acts so concerned about her, pets her, says "hi bee" all the time (for the 'bee' part of baby). He also says "G-lo" SO cute...

So I think it's safe to say the whole family is just smitten and so happy she's ours!
We've taken some fun pictures and I'm trying to not take 1,000 a day. It's so hard ;)

Waving hi and sharing PRECIOUS garbage can toys!

Oh my gosh she is the best baby. She hardly ever cries, is really easily soothed, sleeps like a champ, nurses just as awesome and is just the most precious, sweet thing ever. I forgot how much I loved newborns. There is something so beautiful about them and I love their tiny everything. I can't get enough of her! And it's such a blessing that she is so good and I had the easiest delivery ever just because of all the stuff that had to be happening soon after she was birthed.

My parents made it Friday afternoon - much earlier than we were expecting - they tricked us and it was the BEST sort of trickery. We were soooo happy to see them. As awesome as Greta is, the 2 kid thing is a bit tough and entertaining a toddler on top of things is exhausting in and of itself. And Harvey LOVES his "pop pop". He really loves both my parents so much but he's definitely latched onto grandpa! So having someone help entertain and play with and give him some attention has been a life saver. And they have been invaluable with all the help with moving. We absolutely could not be doing this without them. So yeah - the weekend we took it easy a bit. Went to the park...


Oh man that's a happy face!!! LOVE.

...played inside and outside, played games, and enjoyed baby and Harvey time. Tanner and my dad did move a bunch of boxes outside on Saturday, so we did get some stuff done with the moving. We hit it hard again today and are making all sorts of progress.


Tanner and I took her to the doctor today. She passed with flying colors and has gained a few ounces. Weighed 8.0lbs, as you can see :)
And she had her first bath today.


Her face looks super happy in the top two, which surprisingly enough, for the most part she was. Then she got a little cold and started to get a bit mad. But she really is such a mellow baby. WAY easier than Harvey was. Man I love Harvey so much and he is a stud and I don't mean to compare, but he was a hard baby and often very discontent. It's nice to have a happier one this time :)
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our little g-lo! Welcome to the family, Greta Louise!


  1. Oh my heck!! I love all the pictures! I love that baby! I love that it was perfect and I love that you are moving home!! So much love! Haha

  2. Sounds like you rocked that labor and birth, mama!! She's sooo adorable and that video of Harvey holding Greta is the CUTEST!!

  3. I'm going to say DITTO to everything Laura said, although I supposed it could have been Dallin....

    So much LOVE for you, for G-lo, for the move HOME, for a happy, healthy, good sleeping, good eating little baby, and for parents, and for help, and for all the LOVE a newborn brings. The BEST, and most exhausting, but mostly the BEST.