Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Greta's first month

A good chunk of her first month of life was filled with sickness, which really sucked. Even after she got the oxygen off from her RSV bout, she ended up with another cold that lasted at least a week. Ugh. That may have stretched into her second month though (I'm back dating this because I am WAY behind...two kids is tough for me!)
Anyway - not really much to comment on in a child's first month really. So this is a great place to just dump some super cute pictures :)

She is a pretty happy baby. She's much easier consoled than Harvey and usually only cries for a reason that is easily fixed. She is a NOISY sleeper. Really grunty and squirmy. Not sure what that is all about but even if she's not crying, it doesn't help me sleep any. She's kind of grunty and squirmy in general and I wonder if some of it isn't gas pains, she just doesn't cry that much about it? Speaking of sleep, though, I remember posting lots of sleeping baby pics of Harvey because they are just too precious. Not gonna change with this one :)



I posted the Harvey picture with her above, but I think it's okay to mention it here how amazing he is with her. He has been enamored with her from day one. Always acts so concerned about her, remembers her in whatever line up we are discussing. Wants to help get her binky, wants to hold her. Pets her head and says "Hi B!!!" so enthusiastically. It is PRECIOUS. He has never once acted put out or upset that I have had to take care of her instead of be 100% focused on him. I've noticed he is willing to help more if he realizes he's really helping her. I am amazed at how inborn all of this tenderness is. I haven't taught him any of it and he just is naturally that way. Love is an amazing thing and it is even extra amazing and special when it's between siblings. I think so, anyway. Hope he always wants to look out for her!

Okay so that was a little tangent. I'm trying to think if there's anything else noteworthy with her. She did get her oxygen off March 25, so I guess her second illness was in month 2. She has an umbilical hernia that is pretty prominent. Harv had one too and it was gone by age 1, so hopefully this one takes care of itself as well. Nursing is going great on both ends. It's so fun having her as part of the family. We love her so much already!

Here's some more random pics:


Likes being on her tummy! (At Rio Grand with inlaws)


Taken on her one month bday