Wednesday, June 1, 2016

3 Months for G-lo

I have to admit I'm a little behind in this (even though I'm dating it earlier) and so I'm having a hard time remembering what exactly happened before the 3 month mark. (PS - saying "hard time" now keeps making me think of Harvey cause he says that now in kind of a sad, whiney voice..."hard time, mommy". But this isn't about Harvey).

Her sleeping is getting much better but she's still super attached to the binky. I don't feel that concerned about it just yet. She doesn't seem to be needing to nurse to fall asleep and already goes much longer than Harvey ever did at this age. There's been night's I've only woken up with her once (albeit she does finish her night quite early). She is SUCH a happy baby. She talks and smiles like crazy still and I love it. I feel like she has gotten better at almost localizing sounds. And there were a few days in there I'm pretty convinced she was copying me sticking my tongue out. One thing that still ALWAYS makes her smile is me sticking my tongue out and making the spitting noise or whatever. Must be pretty funny ;) She's pretty easy to make happy in the rare instances that she's not. It's so nice. 

On May 20th she rolled over like 3 times in a row, and did it to both sides. It was awesome. I then started trying to record her and then she stopped. She'd get her head basically rolled over and then her body was kind of in a backwards C. That's kind of how it has been since.

She seems to be more of a drooly baby than Harvey. Just a tid bit of observational information. He got teeth super early I remember so I wonder if she'll follow that same pattern. But those are some of the things that are worth mentioning this month I think. I am SO in love with her right now. We all are. I feel like I am wanting time to stand still more than with Harvey. Hard to explain, but with him I felt like time was ok to us. I loved every second of his life and stages but was so excited to watch him grow up. I'm excited about that for her too but I feel like it's going too fast this time. Trying to soak it all in as much as possible with a two year old and being back to work :(

Here's this months photo dump:

 Love those cheeks and lashes!

Greta and Logan


There's a nice chin roll folding up over her first chin and I love it.

I know these pictures are all basically the same to anyone but me probably, but I love all of them and couldn't pick just one :)

Oh, and she's really starting chowing down on her hands lately.

Reconnecting with daddy.

Too early of mornings :/

Wish I could enjoy church like this :)

3 month birthday!


  1. She's SO cute! And those cheeks are precious!

  2. Good heck. I love her. And her little furrowed brow is probably my favorite thing ever! Haha. What a cutie!