Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Advent fun

My favorite tradition has come and gone again! As I was trying to organize it the last night of November and wrapping everything etc and staying up late I had a grinchy feeling of if this was all worth it. It seemed like so much work. And then I realized that all the fun, happy, awesome memories I have of doing this as a kid is because my mom stayed up late and planned and wrapped and worked to make the holidays so fun. And so that squashed that negative thought and then I happily finished. And at the end of the month, it really was worth it. They kids got a kick out of opening the presents. They did a pretty great job of sharing and knowing they had to take turns. Greta especially loved the candy each morning. Haha. I have to admit I wasn't as good at doing an Christmas video each morning before we opened them last year. Mornings are always a little rough these days. Really early and often after a really late night. So I got a tiny bit lazy, which I will do better at next year. And I wasn't as good about having something EVERY single day. Harvey can't read and so often I'd adjust what was written on the papers or just not mention anything and we might not do a specific activity. They didn't seem to notice. I might not get so lucky next year. But I have a good list going and I'll be a little more prepared then too. These are not all of the things we did and not in order, but just some random pictures of some of the fun we had throughout the month. These kids are really such a delight right now and so fun seeing Christmas through them. Greta is really starting to get excited about stuff now too and it's all sorts of entertaining!
In Wellsville, they had their first annual "help get santa and the reindeer ready" something activity. They had a bunch of animals to see and a line for santa and a bunch of reindeer and a vet and people singing and hot chocolate and donuts and carriage rides. Being the first year it seemed a little unorganized or maybe it was just packed. The line for the food was always so long so we never got that. And we waited in line for santa forever. But had to, because Harvey HAD to tell him about the hot wheel's track he wanted! The kids both unfortunately were quite whiney. We met Carrie there with Payne and Libby and Romy, so that was fun. I'm not sure if we'll do that one again but it was fun to get out etc.

Gosh dang he was so cute with him. Greta was less than interested, although she didn't scream like I thought she was going to.

We made a pit stop at Maverick with cousins since we weren't interested in waiting in line there. This part may have been the best. Haha. 
We made a trip to the Mt. Olympus Clock shop to all pick out new ornaments for the year. From left to right, Tanner, me, Harvey, Greta, Lottie.
Zoo lights! I thought we should try to go earlier in the month so it would be warmer. But it certainly was NOT. We should have just picked a different night but we went with the plan and met my mom and Laura and Kathryn there. It was fun - the lights really are pretty cool and fun for the kids to look at - they have a ton of different animals lit up. But it was colder than 10 cold things and that made it a little less exciting to be outside. The kids did remarkably well, considering! Greta's little feet felt like ICE CUBES when we got home though. I felt so bad.

I used to be more of a social party planner and doer but then I got a bit lazy. But I thought it would be fun to have a little cousin party with some games. So I invited Julie and Laura and they came over one afternoon for a Christmas lunch and a few little games. It was a little chaotic and not super smooth, but who cares. It was fun to get together :) Lunch was a little crazy and I didn't have it all ready so I didn't get a picture of all of it together. We had this and then cheese quesedilla's cut out in Christmas shapes.

They played a little jingle bell toss game, a snowman/snowball throw game and pin the nose on Rudolph :)

Helping make bread for the neighbors.

Second Sunday dinner at my parents for all December birthdays. 

Gingerbread train!

Christmas wreath pizzas (spinach to make the crust green)

Niederhauser Christmas party. We had a fancy, delicious dinner, did our Niederhauser greatest hits game, played another game, and then cousins exchanged gifts. Then talking and hanging out. Such a fun night! 

Matching his jams with his new "mote control lightning a-queen" car.
We did dinner at Rio Grande and then went to Temple Square with Preston and Nat and family. It was fun.  Food was delicious and the weather was really nice, and I love Nat and crew so it was great. It was really crowded. And Harvey has been rather fascinated with the crucifixion lately and wanted to look at a lot of stuff inside the big visitors center and was set on going up to see the Christus. So we waited in line for like 20 minutes for a turn to go up there :) I'm happy he wanted to. Even if it wasn't because he is destined to be a prophet. Haha. I just hope he learns to love Jesus and always does :)

Then the morning of the 23rd, the Saturday before Christmas, we had breakfast at my parents and did our family gift exchange. That's going to be the new tradition - a breakfast the Saturday before Christmas and we just do our exchange. It was really fun! And a couple of delicious breakfast casseroles (including a French toasty one made from cinnamon bread from Kneaders...holy) made by my mama. We had actually gone down the night before to pre-party :)

Literally the first time I think G has ever let Ben hold her!

4 month photo shoot for Lottie, with matching Clara. So much cuteness right there. My dad brought these outfits back from Germany before they were even born I think. So fun to get to use them now! I love when they match!

Greta and Lottie got hot wheels, which didn't make Harvey too sad, and Harvey got a light saber! Heather also gave gifts and G got a red sparkle purse and Harvey some cool dino cars and Lottie a cute sock monkey thing. She's a spoiler and such a fun aunt!

Greta was a riot about stuff and so excited opening things, and HELPING (always wants to help!)

These are obviously out of order. I put all the pics together from 3 different people taking and sending pictures and so it's harder than it should be keeping them in order :) And too much work to change them around.

Magnificent 7

Gift card to a Thai restaurant!
That night we had the party at Grandma Elaine's. I had to work and so was only there for a bit over an hour and usually don't take too many pictures there. Or none. So - it happened, they did the bingo gift thing and Harvey ended up getting what Tanner brought - a small hot wheels track. And they had fun :) 
Then our Christmas Eve Lego tradition! Harvey was shaking the box and trying to figure out what was in there and even said something about thinking they were Legos. Wonder where he got that tactic from!?

I left for work soon after they opened these but it made for maybe a little easier night with all the new stuff to play with. And I even got to leave work 1.5 hours early! Hooray!

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