Saturday, November 30, 2013

All done...

Wow. That month ended fast. And the end of vacation came a lot quicker than I would have liked. We reached the end of our driving journey today as well. 
Welcome back. The 10 day forecast isn't looking like much of a welcome home present. ND winter is about to begin. Not ready. 
These pups were pretty happy to get out of the car and they will both be loving the cold weather. Especially Rozzi. 
So cute. We haven't reached the end of unpacking or organizing. I sure wish I didn't have to work the next 3 days so I could actually get some stuff done. Oh well. It will wait. 
It is also the end of the month of blogging every day. I must say it's been a pretty good time. There were a few days I was thinking it was pretty lame but overall I'm really glad I did it. It made me realize that a lot more little things happen on a daily basis that are worth remembering and "journaling".  I'm not gonna keep doing it every day, though. Maybe I'll do it again next year. Thanks Emily for the inspiration! 

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