Sunday, March 13, 2016

Moving part 2

I just wanted to post a few more pics and what not from the last bits of moving. Moving is zero fun really. I mean the excitement of a new place and new adventure can be but the nitty gritty of moving - like actually moving boxes and lifting things and putting stuff in boxes and all of that - zero fun. Did I mention how amazing my parents were with all of it?? They were. Not fun for them either but they helped SOOO much. Cleaning and carrying and holding and any way a person could help, they did. My mom even cleaned my fridge and freezer which is her LEAST favorite job of all time. Man. So grateful.

We went out to eat one last time at Harvey's favorite place - Sakura. 

I'm gonna post a few of our pics we used when we listed it, mostly just to have here and show kids and for us to never forget that special single wide ;)
Annnnd empty...
And a couple walking away forever pictures...
Tanner sent me this about a week later...
All gone. So weird!!
Tanner actually ended up driving back to Utah with us. He had to work Friday so my mom and I headed out around 10 am and Tanner and my dad were about 4 hrs behind us. Greta did AMAZING. Such a blessing. I know for sure it was a tender mercy because she hasn't done so hot on even short trips since then. Not bad but not nearly as amazing as during that trip.  She slept almost non stop in the car seat without so much as two peeps the whole time until the last two hrs. Harvey was a trooper too unless there was phone service issues ;) 
We stopped in Bozeman and tried to go to a park but it was too cold and windy. We got some food at a yummy sandwich shop I already forgot the name of and then wandered around REI for a little bit.
We were going to just stay the night in Bozeman but there were NO hotels available. So we opted for a super classy Inn in Ennis. My dad and Tanner made it there not too long after we did and we had an awful night. Haha. Harvey was awake screaming and crying for a couple hrs. Painful.
We stopped at the storage shed and had a bunch of bros help us unload. I didn't take too many pics there but...
He was NOT happy about having to get in the car YET again for our final leg.
I feel your pain, buddy! But we made it! All humans and dogs and all belongings in one piece. What. A. Relief!!


  1. Moving is terrible. Add kids to the mix and it's just downright painful! Hope you're settling into Utah life well! Miss you!

  2. Sounds like a party! Haha. So glad to have you here :)